14th august special

14th August Special

14th August is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pleasure every year. This day is celebrated 1 day earlier in association with India even though the independence from the British Raj to both countries.

14 August as our Independence Day is the Birthday of Pakistan this year. Before August 14, 1947, Pakistan was not an independent country and it is ruled by the British or any other foreign power. It was created as an independent and free country on 14th August 1947 and right 24 hours after there were Indians Independence from the British rule. As Pakistan was born free we should celebrate its 70th Birth Day.

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On 14th August there is great hustle and bustle everywhere in Pakistan, the Minar-e-Pakistan is fully lit to memorialize the independence of Pakistan from the British Empire. The 14th August ceremony is celebrated at various monuments throughout the country. The Pakistani cadets including the Navy, Military, and Air force salute the tomb of the father of the nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Students illumination candles at midnight to bring luck and hope for the future.

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On 14 August there is a National holiday in the country. In the capital Islamabad and all major cities of Pakistan, the Government Offices are lit up as well as all the larger skyscrapers. The flag is hoist on all the important buildings and it is considering the major part of 14th August ceremonies other than these cultural programs take place in the entire provinces.

Bottom Line

The rest of the year we do what we want with our country, we don’t care about its cleanliness, we don’t care about its beauty, we’re not bothered when we throw wrappers on the roads, we don’t think even once when we chuck the garbage out of our houses.