Ram 1500 trx front

2021 RAM 1500 TRX | Eco Diesel & Luxurious

It’s big to both the brand as well as the segment because quietly ram has established itself as an off-road leader in America with products such as the ram power wagon and rebel while also allowing its customers to add off-road packages to every trim level but they’ve continuously challenged there self’s to exceed their customers requests for even more.

TRX will cement ram as the premier off-road brand in America what makes trx superior to every other high-performance truck on the market.

There is truly no competition it shatters all paradigms, it’s truly transformative it was designed and engineered by the bolt to be the quickest fastest most powerful and most capable off-road pickup truck to ever roll off the assembly line.

Now the performance stats speak for themselves 702 horsepower, 650 pound-feet of torque, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds but not to be forgotten that the trx is made from the ram 1500 so not only will it offer premiere off-road capability but it will also offer segment-leading luxury and technology as well because RAM is solely focused on building trucks since ram truck brand became a standalone brand.

They’ve reminded us that the t-rex was the apex predator in the jurassic era so it feels right bringing the apex predator into the market should carry that name and establish its supremacy in the marketplace.

Ram 1500 trx uconnect touchscreen

The trx RAM was able to bring in a bunch of new driver focus technologies first off is their brand new hud or head-up display which allows the passengers and drivers to see a really a full-colour 10.1 inch display that’s seamlessly floating out on the hood of the truck it offers simple standard advanced modes as basically modes that you can get into right when you jump in the truck but then you can actually go in and select a custom mode which allows users to have between two to five different types of settings.

Displayed in that cluster with their new UConnect touchscreen for the 12-inch on-ram trx they were really able to kind of utilize the space.

Trx obviously will give this opportunity to combine both performance off-road pages and then incorporate the eight drive modes as well as valet into a really nice seamless approach you can use.

Products in general Ram has developed three different interiors within trx we start off with tr standard interior which is vinyl cloth interior a little bit no-frills in that sense meant to get dirty.

Ram 1500 trx interior

Then step up to tr-2 price class really this is where it opens the door for all of the content that they bring into the vehicle with this price class you can bring in your heads-up display, you can bring in your digital rearview mirror, you can bring in carbon fibre also the trx red accent colour package.

There’s a whole host of features and a lot of them are standard features Ram love the fact that they were able to bring in a flat-bottom performance steering wheel but not just that they were able to bring first time for ram paddle shifters for the steering wheel which is a really nice feature.

On top of that they’ve been able to bring in the center console-mounted floor shifter which is a really nice feature. They’ve displaced the rotary shifter brought it down to the center console and actually gone in and added drive modes and a few other things like launch control to that area where the rotor shifter used to be.

Little details like red behind the speaker grilles to give a little bit of that accent color popping through with their harman kardon 19 speaker system.

What we personally like about the ram trx is that typically a truck you know a relatively flat body side to it especially if you’re looking at it into a top view the trx has such wide fenders both front and rear that the vehicle takes on a completely different type of stance to it one of the coolest parts about the face of the trx to us is that the air curtain they design you can stand at the front of the vehicle next to the headlamp or right behind the front wheel looking forward you can see the air curtain affected it’s actually open all the way to the front and rear.

On the road compared to other trucks that are out there there’s nothing like it and it has an incredible presence to it what differentiates the ram 1500 trx from a standard ram 1500 under the skin is just about everything.

We start with a strengthened frame made of up gauged up-yielded materials all developed to withstand the rigors of everything we can throw at this truck to that frame, bolt longer forged aluminum control arms up front longer stamped steel control arms out back with five link suspension taller springs and bilstein adaptive dampers.

This vehicle is really made to face any obstacle it comes across without demanding any compromises of the driver.

The similarities between the dodge hellcat engine and Ram 6.2 supercharged for the trx are vast they continue to use the cast iron block the forged steel crank and the aluminum heads of the base engine they’ve modified only the things that they had to adapt to this application they changed the oil pan to a deep sump truck oil pan that keeps the pickup tube in the oil in all circumstances high.

The alternator was also moved higher on the adaptation of the front end such that they could get a 32 inch water forting depth to prepare the powertrain for extreme desert enthusiasts.

They took a holistic approach understanding what the customers expected with customer surveys data acquisitions and a lot of hands-on real-world testing the airbox for the 1500 ram trx.

Hovering above the engine so it never it doesn’t follow the vibrations of the engine. It has two 8 by 12 inch air filters that capture four times the dirt of their closest competitor, in addition, it has two airflow entries one through the functional hood scoop and one of ram air from the front of the grill.

So it always gets cool clean air to the supercharged hinges, the durability of the ram 1500 trx required everything that you do on the standard ram 1500 plus the additional high-speed off-road element.

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