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A Device which allows you to track your car and important things using your smartphone (affordable for everyone)

Mostly people lost their car in a parking lot whenever you go for shopping and when you come back, you don’t have any clue where you parked in a huge parking area. Then you start searching for your car and most of times people get panic. This thing is really frustrating especially in hot sunny days.

Now you are thinking you need to install an expensive GPS system in your car and has to pay monthly subscription fee, people already have enough bills to pay right?

Here you go

Now it’s possible to track your vehicle without spending any monthly fee or spending a fortune.

A company based in California has introduced a tiny device, that will work with your smartphone. This tiny device has the size of a coin and you can place it anywhere.

The device is named TrackR. With this device you can track your important things with your smartphone. It has the size of a quarter so you can place it everywhere. With TrackR you know you can track your important things at any time and you will get peace of mind.

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TrackR Device

How it TrackR Works

Using TrackR is really easy, you have to install the TrackR app on you smartphone and then connect your smartphone with the device, you are ready to go. Attach the TrackR device anywhere you want and this all process only takes 5 minutes.

You can attach TrackR to your keys, briefcase, with your important things, wallet and anything which is important for you. By TrackR you can track your things in seconds.

Now you don’t need to buy expensive GPS system to track your car, no stress of monthly fee that’s why TrackR is introduced. TrackR your important things with just one tap.

Remember attach TrackR device somewhere it won’t be found, like on your car or important things (in car hide it in trunk, under the floor mat or in the glove compartment).

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TrackR device connected with mobile

If you ever lost your car or any of your important thing just put out your smartphone, open the TrackR app and tap on the lost item icon and the app will tell the exact coordinates of the last location of TrackR device.

Also you can track your pet by TrackR by putting it in your pets collar and you can easily find them as everyone knows pets scamper off to nearby places. Attach it to everything which is important for you and punish the thieves who steal your stuff.

Now you are thinking that TrackR device will cost you a lot No!, TrackR price is just $30. That is really a small price for peace of mind right!!.