Robotic pet sitter

Advanced Robotic Pet Sitter named Pebby

So Pebby itself is a Robotic pet sitter. Basically you can use Pebby on two levels, one level is for manual direction by which you can actually stream video from your device like smartphone on which you has installed app of Pebby, you can control Pebby like remote control car running around the house.

With the use of Pebby smart collar beacon which is connected to Pebby wirelessly will allow Pebby to follow, auto follow, auto repel and perform other automation behaviors on to the pet. The collar allows fitness tracker. So Pebby is actually an inspiration it came for us to solve problems for the pet when we are not on the spot on every day basis that we have neglected our pet at home.


You can monitor your pet through mobile at the same time allows us to be there anywhere in the world doing the chaos we have.


Audio alerts, movement patterns, laser and LED Lights

Bottom Line

Pebby makes sure that your pet will never alone at home, you can track, monitor and play with your pet from anywhere in the world with mobile app.