Alienware m15 review


Alienware M15 R3 the 2020 update to the M15 R2 that we saw last year. it’s mostly the same exterior design-wise, you’re getting the same sort of sci-fi look with the text and the ringed led in the back as well as the white sort of standout finish.

The RGB keyboard which we do like a lot we think it’s unique in a field of laptops that look similar. This one kind of stands out given that it’s the same on the outside. It’s more about the component refreshes and the feature updates that have gone into this year’s model. The starting price for this laptop is 1500$.

Our review configuration is 2160$ so it’s a bit more expensive than that making it a distinctly high-end laptop though there are mid-range configurations for this laptop that means we’re comparing it to other premium laptops through the cream of the crop but 2160 is one of the better values at that price range because for that price you get the 10th generation intel core i7 CPU, 16 gigs of ram, it’s a one terabyte SSD which is two 512 SSD’s that are in raid 0 configurations to show up as one drive an Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2070 GPU which is good it’s not the max q version so it is a bit more power than the two down alternatives though it is not the super GPU that has been showing up in some models.

Alienware m15 gaming laptop

Additionally the display of laptop is full hd resolution 300hz so that’s a super high refresh rate for those playing triple-a games that probably won’t come into effect that much if you’re a big-budget single-player titles those games are not going to run full settings at 300 frames per second but for those people who are into competitive multiplayer titles those are the sorts of games where not only a higher frames possible because there are less visually demanding games but those frame rates can actually benefit you if you see you know slightly higher refresh rates than the people you’re playing against you might see the action just that much sooner which can give you an edge so that’s sort of, this is for Esports hounds and people who really are into competitive gaming not all games are going to push up to 300 frames per second of course but we tested games like rainbow six, siege and that got into the 200s close to 300 so you can definitely push that if you set sort of lower settings which is a common practice for playing multiplayer games because it allows you to pump those higher frame rates to give you that edge.

Now as for those big-budget single-player titles this laptop did average just over 100 frames per second so that’s a pretty good performance. We think not being the max q version of this GPU gives it that extra step and it’s competing with laptops that have the max 2080 GPU so it’s close and a lot of those cost several hundred dollars.

So it hung at or above the same average frame rates as laptops that are more expensive or about just as expensive so it’s really good performance considering the price we know it sounds high it is high it’s a higher-end laptop but in that field, it’s one of the less expensive for the same performance level so all that said about its performance let’s move on to the portability and sort of physical aspect of this laptop. It is a bit heavier than maybe you’d want it’s 4.65 pounds. It’s a little heavier than some gaming laptops but it’s right on par with other machines like the razer blade 15s.

Some Zephyrus laptops are right in the same ballpark so to get that much power into it being under five pounds at that point is pretty good that’s sort of the benchmark and the closer you can get the four pads flat all the better, only small laptops or 14-inch laptops will be four or under so in the grand scheme it’s portable enough.

It might get a little heavy to bring on your daily commute the other thing that limits its portability to a degree is the battery life it ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes on our rundown test which is unfortunately on the lower side.

Gaming laptops notorious in the past for their short battery life has improved a long way in recent years a lot of laptops we tested that we compared this too ran for six or seven hours so just under three is not great.

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