Apple ipad 2020 (8th generation) review

Apple iPad 2020 (8th Generation) Review – Best Budget iPad

Today we are going to review Apple’s new budget iPad although the new 2020 iPad Air 4 got updated with a fresh modern look similar to the iPad Pro models. The same cannot be said about this budget 2020 iPad it now has an extremely outdated design with giant top and bottom bezels surrounding its non-laminated display the lack of lamination means that there is a noticeable gap between the display and the glass covering it regardless even if it is the same iPad as it was last year.

Apple 7th & 8th generation ipad
Apple 8th Generation iPad & 7th Generation iPad

At least on the outside, it is still a comfortable iPad to hold and use as its glass front and aluminum back feel as premium as always. In a stop bezel, we find the same 1.2-megapixel facetime camera from last year’s budget iPad. In the bottom bezel is a physical home button which is also a first-generation touch id fingerprint sensor on the top side of the 2020 iPad, we find a welcome headphone jack and a power button and on the right side are the volume keys.

Apple ipad 2020 display and design
Apple iPad 2020 Home Button & Front Cam

On the left side, you will find the smart connector which is used for connecting the iPad with certain keyboard accessories. The two stereo speakers this iPad has are on its bottom side which means that they still fail to produce a true stereo experience when watching movies in landscape mode and finally on the back of the 2020 iPad we have a proud Apple logo and the same 8-megapixel main camera from last year’s budget iPad.

Apple ipad 8th generation 2020

Now let’s take a look at the display this 2020 iPad comes with the same 10.2-inch LCD as last year’s budget iPad it’s a nice and sharp screen at a resolution of 2160×1620 because of its 4×3 aspect ratio it is perfect for desktop internet browsing, writing essays and general productivity but less than ideal for watching movies and videos.

Videos are normally more suited for a widescreen display so on this iPad you will have to settle for having black bars above and below any movies you may be watching so if you’re after a simple tablet for watching videos this may not be the ideal one but if you want a tall display for better productivity and desktop browsing it is a perfect size and although this display can get very bright.

Apple ipad 2020 multitasking

It’s also highly reflective making it especially hard to see in sunlight but indoors even if it hasn’t been updated from last year’s budget iPad this screen is still a joy to look at and interact with sharp and colorful when it comes to software. This iPad comes with iPad OS 14 out the box so there are a few exciting new features to check out.

The home screen widgets have been redesigned to take advantage of the large screen showing more information than before and several of those widgets can now be stacked on top of one another for quick access but arguably the most notable new feature scribble involves the apple pencil it allows apple pencil users to write with it in any text field instead of having to switch between the apple pencil and an on-screen keyboard.

Apple ipad 2020 display

As for the general performance of this iPad, it is impressive especially considering its price it now rocks Apple’s 812 bionic chip which was first introduced in 2019 on the iPhone 10s series this iPad outperforms every other tablet in its price range and as mentioned earlier can handle pretty much any tasks you may want to do.

Oon iOS video editing apps like luma fusion work perfectly and so do the many other iPad exclusive professional apps, adobe photoshop affinity designer for iPad and procreate are all available here and not on android tablets which are something to consider if you’re the creative type and again they all run well here especially considering that this is a budget iPad.

Apple ipad 2020 battery performance
Battery Performance

Lastly, multitasking hasn’t changed on iPad OS 14 you can run two apps side by side and the third one in a pop-up window, a video can additionally be played in picture-in-picture on to battery life as always Apple claims up to 10 hours of surfing the web or watching videos and that’s a fair estimate on a single charge. This iPad lasts us about nine and a half hours of heavy usage much like last year’s budget 10.2 inch iPad did, this means that students and professionals won’t need to worry about battery life at all because a 2020 iPad can and will last a full workday with enough battery life to spare for a movie, watching session afterward.

Apple ipad 2020 front cam

Finally, let’s address the speaker quality and the cameras we have here, the speakers although loud lack the punching rich sound we’ve come to expect from 2020 tablets and the fact that they’re both on your right side when watching videos doesn’t make this the perfect tablet for watching movies as we said earlier as for the cameras on this iPad it has the same 8-megapixel main camera and 1.2-megapixel facetime camera as last year’s iPad.

Apple ipad 2020 speakers

The main one produces acceptable photos and can film at a resolution of 1920×1080 at 30 frames per second. You would find your smartphone way more preferable for photo taking and video recording than this iPad. The front camera takes pretty low-resolution selfies and is also generally just here for the occasional video call not much else and for video calls, it’s adequate.

Apple ipad 2020 back camera

Thankfully people aren’t that interested in cameras and tablets plus we’ve come to accept that poor camera on budget smartphones and tablets are a given but the good thing about this new budget iPad is that the most important things such as screen quality and performance are on point if buying for productivity or gaming it will not disappoint and that’s pretty much all about Apple’s new iPad. It looks exactly like last year’s 10.2 inch iPad but internally it has been upgraded but overall it’s nowhere near a significant leap forward. It is still the cheapest iPad and it is still the most powerful tablet at this price range

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