Apple iphone 12 with no earpods

Apple removed the charger & earpods from all the iPhone 12 Models

So Apple has finally launched the iPhone 12 phones today and along with it, they made it official that they are no longer shipping chargers or earphones along with the new iPhones. Apple is portraying this as an environmental move rather than a way to increase profit margins which we don’t buy it at all.

This is Apple and they are driven by profits.

They are saving up to $60 by not including these accessories, and they will save billions of dollars with this simple move. Apple says that these moves will reduce carbon emissions but again we don’t buy it because Google is the first tech company committed to being carbon neutral but can still include a charger.

By the way, we can already see people justifying this with a typical Apple Justification Syndrome. The argument they are making is that people already have a charger lying around and they don’t need another. Well, If people’s drawers were filled with fast iPhone chargers, things would be different.

But instead, everyone has that paltry 5W USB A chargers. Only the iPhone 11 Pro, released last year, came with a fast charger. So this argument doesn’t hold water for Apple users, maybe for Android users, it makes a little sense since fast charging has been there on the platform for years.

Apple iphone 12 with no charger

Also, Apple really trying to spin this as being all about reducing e-waste doesn’t make much sense either because This will just create a bigger demand for separate charging kits which will just lead to more waste as you’d have to transport more, create more packaging material, etc.

If they wanna save on e-waste then they should take a look at the phones themselves. The chargers are the smallest problem. Just ditch the lightning port and adopt the industry-standard USB C if they really care about e-waste, but guess what they won’t do it because it’s not good for business.

Anyway, the biggest change to this year’s iPhones is the frame, they are now flat kinda like the iPhone 4. That pretty much speaks for itself that the iPhone 12 is one of the most incremental iPhone upgrades in recent times that a flat frame is one of the biggest upgrades. We liked Magsafe by the way, The iPhone 12 has magnets at the back which will make it easier to connect the iPhone to supported wireless chargers which means the wireless chargers should have magnets as well.

Apple iphone 12 box

Sometimes it gets annoying to keep the phone exactly on the right spot on the wireless charger, otherwise, it either charges very slowly or won’t charge at all. So these magnets will come in handy. Another big feature we liked was the fact that the iPhone 12 can record 4K60 FPS videos in Dolby Vision and it can edit it live while recording.

Yes, while recording.

Which is amazing. Just shows how powerful these 5nm chipsets are. And by the way, none of the iPhone 12’s have a 120Hz display. Apple said they didn’t put 120Hz because an average person wouldn’t notice it which is Even though an average person may not know what a 120Hz display is but one can absolutely notice a higher refresh rate display because it feels faster. And people know what feels faster, they may not know why but they can feel it. So the excuse is just laughable.

You know what we liked most about this year’s iPhones is that they didn’t increase the price of the Pro variants. Yes, it doesn’t have a higher refresh rate display, a periscope zoom camera, and more but it makes Samsung’s $1300, $1400 phones appear too costly in front of the iPhone 12 Pro and Max.

Apple iphone 12 amazing camera

We mean just put the iPhone 12 Pro and Galaxy Note 20 side by side and Apple absolutely obliterating the $999 Note 20 on value here. So we hope Samsung learns and price their flagships sensibly next year.

With that said let me know what do you think about the iPhone 12 down in the comments and as always stay connected for more updates.