Apple foldable phone review

Apple Foldable Smartphone – But when this is gonna happen?

So Apple’s next big event is expected to take place in October where they will launch the new iPhones, the iPhone 12 lineup. Judging by the information we have about the handset, it’s going to be a very iterative upgrade. Apple is nowhere near its competition in 2020 as far as offering the latest features are concerned.

But this tech talk isn’t about the iPhone 12 but Apple’s lack of involvement in the foldable smartphone segment. This is bad not just for the foldable technology but for us the consumers as well. As you know Samsung is already in the third generation of foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is undoubtedly the best implementation of this technology so far and it’s nearly as good as the regular rigid smartphone we have.

Apple foldable phone technology

It may not be there just yet but will be there soon enough. We mean just look at the first-gen Fold and second-gen Fold. The technology has improved so much in just a year that it doesn’t feel like they are a year apart, but 3 or 4 generations apart. Right now, no other company is seriously investing in this technology as much as Samsung and it’s understandable in away.

The tech is relatively new, risky, and costly, and isn’t viable for a small company to invest in this technology and risk their future. But Apple is no small company. The last time we saw they reached a 2 trillion dollar valuation, becoming the first tech company and the second overall to do so.

So Apple has no excuse to not invest in this technology. If you remember, Steve Jobs himself predicted early in his career, when he foresaw Apple would likely follow in the footsteps of Xerox and IBM if the company “got away from the innovation that made them so successful in the first place.”

Apple foldable phone releasing

Now we don’t think for the slightest that Apple would end up like Xerox or IBM anytime soon even if they keep being lazy because for the simple fact that Tim Cook is a great businessman, he knows how to make money. He may not be innovative like Steve Jobs but the guy knows how to make money and a lot of it.

He created a walled garden of the Apple ecosystem so that people can’t switch to Android even if they wanted to because as I’ve said they’re locked in to the ecosystem and that’s a brilliant move and gives Apple the freedom to be lazy.

But at the same time, it’s not good for Apple users and Android users as well. You see competition is really important. Samsung has been at the forefront of the innovation for the last decade or so, Huawei was also doing good for the past couple of years but now they are about to exit the smartphone market so let’s keep them aside for a moment.

That leaves Apple as the biggest competitor to Samsung. Apple has all the necessary resources available to compete with Samsung in the foldable smartphone segment and heck can even surpass them. But they are choosing to sit and watch Samsung do the real groundwork because they are too lazy and afraid to do it themselves.

When the technology is fully matured and there’s no risk factor involved, they will come out and say how they revolutionized the foldable smartphone segment. I just hope Samsung doesn’t stop innovating in the foldable market because they have no real competitor in this segment. For this reason alone we think it’s time Apple should start investing in foldable technology.

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