Audionic classic 101 head phones

Audionic Classic 101 HEAD PHONES

This High-Performance headphone has 5 qualities which make it amazing.

 Rich Deep Bass

It has very high blizzard bass which steps up your experience.

40mm High-End

With its new technology of professional Drive-Unit, this creature can deliver a large amount of bass which makes it crazy sometimes.

Headset Pads

By their flexible headset pads, the headphone can be comfortably set on the head.


Its Built-in Microphone can cancel out noisy sounds and keep up the voice chat in a good way.

3.5mm Stereo Cable

Audionic has given 3.5mm stereo cable with this classic 101 which compatible with all mobiles and tablets.

People are loving this new era headphone which is catchy and has amazing sound quality.

Audionic (The Sound Master)