Batman vs superman

Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice

In my point of view the idea of this was pretty stupid, can you ever imagine two positive superheroes fight with each other? Most of the people will say NO!!

In the Movie, Batman subscribes to the spreading public view and Superman thinks he’s the Messiah and is working without oversight. Meanwhile, Superman also thinks Batman is getting a bit hinged. Lex Author is also in there who stirring things up you will see in the movie.

Batman vs superman 1

Ultimately after huge preface biffo ensues, Usual crunching impacts and broken concrete happens when Superman is thrown through a wall that always works!!

This Movie is not a big surprise for those who have read in DC’s Comics own version of Marvel’s Avengers, so there is nothing new as expected.

Bottom Line

In the movie, there are numerous witty lines and I caught many of them over the thundering soundtrack, Crashes, and bass, so watch this movie by enabling the subtitles.