Black myth wukong review

Black Myth: Wukong | Gamers are going Mad

Black Myth: Wukong it’s a Chinese game full of action and thrill. The developers have released its gameplay trailer which is taking over the internet by storm. This Black Myth game is the first large scale project by Chinese Indie games and its ambitions.

The storyline is not yet revealed in the gameplay trailer which is making everyone more excited this is maybe the developers want to create more hype which already Black Myth is taking but it will be based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the west which we think one of the four masterpieces of classical Chinese literature. Black Myth focuses on the character Sun Wukong which is the main character also looks like a monkey “sorry if you mind it” this character is Monkey King.

Black myth wukong weapons

Wukong learns Taoism and follows the story as the journey begins to the west, he masters the language and combat skills also acquires the 72 methods of heavenly transformation allowing him to transform into different animals and objects which seems like he is immortal.

Sun Wukong as the main character of Black Myth is known for his incredible speed and strength all its transformation power which is displayed in the gameplay trailer. Also, his magical black iron can grow and shrink in size with its commands.

Following are the abilities of Wukong which you will see after the game release.

  • Transformation in people, animals, and objects.
  • Cloud Somersaulting
  • Ability to leap over 36,000 at a time
  • Weather changing ability
  • Magic spells to control gods and spirits
  • Combat Skills (martial arts)
  • Immorality skill

The Black Myth gameplay trailer is 13 minutes long and it’s good too for some reason that the gamers or players will get a good look at it and they can expect what this game is up to. You will get a glimpse of Wukong’s ability to transform into a golden cicada to travel and hide, also evade enemy detection. Different enemies like monkeys, foxes, tigers, and massive armies were also in the gameplay which Wukong must defeat by himself. Giant boss enemy fights were also there in the gameplay trailer of Black Myth.

The release date is not yet confirmed by Chinese Indie but we are hoping it will be soon. Stay connected for further updates.