Click and grow smart herb garden 1

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden of Modern Age

Today I will tell you about Click and Grow, Click and Grow is a smart garden which allows you to grow plants very easily. Starter Kit of click and grow comes with three portions in which you can grow three different or the same plants. This smart garden is very easy to use you just have to put the pods in the cabin which contains soil and seeds. After that, you have to add water in the tank and plug-in the switch.

During the night and sometimes during day time there is a light that goes ON automatically; when the garden needs water the light starts flashing. So the interesting and reliable thing in this Smart Garden is that you don’t have to worry about water or anything when the garden needs water or something light will start flashing.

Click and grow smart herb garden

The thing I didn’t like about this smart garden is that at night this light is very powerful and it’s very annoying when flashes, sometimes it’s hot too make it stop because of fidgety. Click and Grow Smart Garden allows you to keep an eye on your garden by installing a specific app. The app allows you to track garden, gardening advice, and better than that there is nothing much in the app you can do with it.

One more thing I didn’t like about the smart garden that it looks kind of cheap and the money you spend on it in less you can buy 3 to 4 your own normal personal plants. In normal personal plants, they rely on you and you don’t know how much to water it. With a smart garden, it’s very easy.

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