Crew 2 year 3 review

Crew 2 | Review & Latest Updates

We’re going to do a general review about Crew 2 as well as see whether it’s worth your money in 2020. So the crew 2 is known to be one of the most diverse open-world games with everything from racing supercars through streets over 200 miles an hour – flying helicopters or even driving hovercrafts so first because of this we’re going to look at the many racing options so let’s get into it.

There are a total of 13 different types of races and events. There are point-based events such as drifting and air acrobatics as well as more traditional races and boats and hypercars, most of the ground races are based on open tracks or courses with checkpoints over there are also touring kart and Formula One-style races where you can race on a selection of fantasy racetracks while the bulk of the game is racing against AI you can also add your friends into the races as well and take on any event as a team, what’s great about this is that if you do not win the race but your friend does you can get the rewards and credits as if you had as well as this cooperative approach to multiplayer you can also play PvP events where the whole grid is made up of seven other players.

Crew 2 year 3

For the Ubisoft has made this a relatively small part of the game so overall there is something for everyone when it comes to racing events with such diverse options so this brings us to the cars or should we say vehicles. So we’ve mentioned that there are 13 different events categories and for each of these a different vehicle type is needed, there are almost 350 different vehicles of all shapes and sizes from the brands you know and love.

You can purchase cars and vehicles from the HQ of the event type it is made for in exchange for in-game credits the customization of main cars is also a highlight of this game you can completely transform the look of your cars whether that’s by adding huge carbon-fiber wings or by changing the color and even design of the interior.

The tuning of the car’s performance however is not nearly as good, the only way to make your cars perform better is by upgrading parts that you earn through events. There is no-fine tuning here in this game unlike something like Forza Horizon 4, well you can do a swap old parts for new ones with a higher number which is relatively unsatisfying the only good thing about the system is that you can work out which races your vehicle will compete in by the performance level determined by its parts.

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The progression of this game is a big topic when it comes to games like Crew 2 so the progression of this game is based on social media followers by completing events you gain followers and fame which translates into icon levels. Every hundred icon levels you unlock a free vehicle for us however the main sense of progression is through the cars, planes, and boats we buy because you only start with one rod the slow car boat and plane completed with one of the 13 event types it’s satisfying as buying new vehicles to be able to participate in more events.

Every race in Crew 2 has a standard and hard mode so its great that after completing the standard level of many events you can come back later when you’ve bought a faster vehicle and take on the harder levels for greater rewards. The high-end vehicles are also relatively expensive so you do have to spend a lot of time racing to save up for them this makes the reward of owing it a very good one.

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Crew 2 has a very large map based on the entire USA it feels almost unfathomably large when you’re driving around. There are so many iconic locations to explore with everything from the Statue of Liberty and Yosemite National Park to the White House and even Area 51. Boats, planes, and helicopters allow you to discover everything from remote islands and the peaks of mountains making free roam at just so much its also great with a friend whether you want to mess around and play tag or hide-and-seek or go on exciting road trips.

Something you won’t realize at first though is that Ubisoft has cleverly condensed the map while it’s still very big it will only actually take you around 40 to 50 minutes to drive from one side of the map to the other. One great free roam feature which we have to mention is the ability to quickly swap between land air and water-based vehicles at the push of a button which we think is a great feature.

The graphics of Crew 2 are amazing and the game looks nice enough when playing but when you get to look close however you will notice that some textures do start to fall apart and the detail isn’t quite that of other modern titles overall however the graphics are good enough and well maybe not as something like Forza Horizon. But you have to give Ubisoft credit for making the Crew 2 look consistently good over such a large map.