Deadpool 2 – movie review 3

Deadpool 2 – Movie Review

Deadpool 2 once again stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson and this time around he’s bringing together a team known as the X-Force to try to help save a mutant kid whose in danger being killed by the time traveler mutant cable played by Josh Brolin because of it’s his year. Team World Raters is a massive fan of the Deadpool character as well in the first film, we think it was a very straight forward, simple, extremely exciting, hilarious comic book movie as we wanted to see for a very long time. But the director of that film has left the franchise and the second film is being directed by the man behind American Blonde, tons of incredible Hollywood stats for many years. He is known for crafting extremely great action scenes and Deadpool 2 is full of it.

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Deadpool 2 is a blast of a watch in aspects of action for a sure and particular white knuckle chase scene in this film that arrivals the highway chase is amazing. As per usual with the Deadpool character this film is very funny, tons of jokes, not all of the land as usual with the comedy most of them do because this character is so indulging despite being so loud mouth and annoying but this film does something we did not expect it tries to bring that bow down to earth and explores more of Wade Wilson and less of Deadpool.

In this Film, we get pretty extended sequences where he is not in his costume, dealing with some issues that happen and it makes him of more compelling character with a deeper side of him. But we suppose the biggest issues we have with this film if we pinpoint one that sometimes the humanizing element with Wade Wilson comes as an attempt to give us an excuse to create the X-Force which will lead them to more franchise possibilities because in the first film one of the things I loved about the Deadpool was that he was so against the teaming up, he was just his guy there was nobody else, he did not want to team like become the part of Avengers or become the part of X-Men he just wanted to do his own thing.

We have a feeling that most people are going to enjoy the look at Wade Wilson’s character which more like a human-less superhero. The way the X-Force is promoted in the trailer, you see the shots of Domino and Cruise we didn’t expect what happens but we loved it. There is a sequence in this film that is so amazing that we truly had no idea what’s coming and we think it’s hilarious.

This movie does a really good job of subverting expectations well also been a little bit of the same, sometimes the film can feel like leftovers from the first it doesn’t always feel we are seeing particularly fresh or new especially with the main plot involving protecting a boy from futuristic killer we have seen that in Terminator 2 and so you know there are aspects of the plot follow a little recycled.

Josh Brolin as Cable is incredible he is one of our favorite parts in the film and we wish there could be more of him in the first half but once he does show up he adds so much. The movie tells the relationship between Wade Wilson and the kid played by Julian Dennison who we think he was excellent in the hunt for the wilder people and here he has a lot of opportunities to really shine and sometimes this relationship can be a little confusing, we feel that in second viewing it can be so much easier to sit back and enjoy but in the first viewing, it felt kind of hard to keep up with because the kid changes his mind way too much.


The action sequences are phenomenal, it’s a very funny movie it’s just that sometimes the emotional core can just be a little hollow especially with the scene occurs towards the end that just didn’t land for us. It felt a little too much. We kept waiting for the Deadpool to make the fun of it but he didn’t so that means they were trying to go forth. The emotional side of the movie is there but it doesn’t earn as much as we like it to be.


Everything aside this film has the best and incredible sequence we have ever seen stick around for that sequence and it worth it. Deadpool 2 is a fun movie and we had a great time with it. We think the movie will be improved on multiple viewing but it’s not quite as great as the first film, the first film stays a little bit more straight forward and tighter.

Team World Raters will give a B+ to Deadpool 2.