Dji phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Next Age Drone (Review)

DJI Phantom 4 what should I say about that creature it’s cool and the best flying vehicle of this century. Phantom 4 is small, lightweight, and has a classy shape. Its packaging is like a real robot carrying case. It comes with quad propellers, a controller, two batteries, and a charger. Backpacks or carrying cases can also be purchased of your own choice from the market.

The setup process is really easy but still a little tedious. After charging the battery it has approx 20 minutes of flight time. It starts by long-pressing the button on it. It has stylish propellers.

Dji phantom 4 2

A smartphone can also be attached to DJI Phantom 4 with a specific cable. With this feature, the user gets access to the drone camera. We can’t tell about its generation it’s a year old now but still, it’s the best drone of top rank. In this model, you don’t have to connect your smartphone and drone with wifi or Bluetooth just have to plug-in the USB connection with the controller of the drone its just simple nothing complex in it. It is a high flying drone which is amazing in its working and has cool speed. It doesn’t give any excuse while taking any shot to the photographer or videographer. Nowadays drones are commonly used in different ceremonies like in weddings, any event, or on birthdays to capture the happiest moments more efficiently and this drone is perfect for the professionals it has amazing camera quality.

Dji phantom 4 3

DJI Phantom 4 has four propellers, colorful lights. In this model, the motors are upgraded and 20% improvement in the top speed and can go up to 72kph of speed. It has 5300 milliamperes of battery which can give a fly time of 28 minutes this assumes a very steady flight and optimal conditions. In phantom 4 it has efficient stability in air. The camera can be easily rotated and capture the breathe full pictures. In position mode or P-mode, it has improved contains GPS, downward-facing camera, new inertial measurement units, ultrasonic emitters, and upgraded motors which are doing this all processing are just amazing.

Perfect hovering and shockingly fast speed make phantom 4 a top rank drone. When a user is flying phantom 4 he feels confident just because it behaves so inspiring and unpredictable grip it has.

There are lots of different models of drones in the market but somehow phantom 4 has perfect control on all the things its speed, its grip in the air, camera quality perfect in all sections. Gps can be turned off by going to altitude mode which is less help full and let you bang, drift around the corners naturally.

The bottom line about the Phantom 4 is that flying it is such a pleasure. However manually or without manual, it behaves smoothly and predictably. The first person view is fantastic.

Dji phantom 4 1

I want you to be clear that DIY solutions can handle even lower latency and even longer range but I was blown away when I flew for 20 minutes around the corners of the building up to a kilometer away which was far I can go to maintain my binoculars. Same as the other one Phantom 4 was also driven like that but it has no comparison and driven for a similar distance. You will not get a confident inspiring manner as Phantom 4 gives. Phantom 4 has an incredible camera it captures high-quality shots and video. The camera result is just amazing in low light too. From my view, the footage captured through it is just professional in view and stability has been kept perfect which looks amazing.

Phantom 4 has lots of flying modes. The drone can also be operated through your mobile. You can track any object like your car or bike it works simply amazing. Phantom 4 will follow that object automatically and will avoid obstacles coming around. It uses visual tracking rather than using a link to the remote control unit. A quick-moving subject can easily shake off the drone.

If you want a fancy quadcopter for pleasure or professional use then this is the perfect one for you. Phantom 4 is full of fun when you come to explore its modes, functions, or drift around in your neighborhood.

Bottom line you can’t say DJI Phantom 4 is a Toy it is much more than that.