Far cry 6 anton would not be pleased


The announcement trailer for Far Cry 6 has arrived and it comes with a ton of new information about where will be and who will up against in the installment of a long-running series.

Let’s dive into what we know and what we think we know.

Far Cry 6: Everything we know from The World Premiere Trailer

Far Cry 6 is set in a fictional ionization of Yara which is having some difficulties currently, protest, and conflict in streets between citizens resisting editorial over the regime, and that regime is militarized police rage outside the potation home of al-preside ting. Far Cry games tend to send an ideological conflict and revolution so this is a perfect premise for a new game in a series.


One of the first things we see is an old tiny car and the model of that same car being adopted by Diego Castillo. In the trailer, you can see Diego Castillo has a smartphone which indicates the game is set in modern-day. Yara has a frozen in time aspect to it similar to how Cuba was under Castro or there will be jungle beachside and other traditional Far Cry locations in a game.

Far Cry 6 will also feature Yara’s capital city of Aspranzo. This marks the first extensive urban environment in a Far Cry game. City living opens up a whole bunch of new gameplay possibilities that can change how Far Cry 6 plays compare to its predecessors. We will see enhance climbing abilities or maybe grab or hug that can be used anywhere as supposed to predetermine places like in the previous games. Another Far Cry hallmark is an intelligent charismatic and thoroughly terrifying villain and Far Cry 6 big bad is Anthon Castillo, Yara’s tyrannical ruler.

However upon for you in this trailer sent on his son Diego Castillo played by Anthony Gonzalez who’s voice may you recognize as Miguel from pixels Coco. Anthon like so many great villains doesn’t see himself evil. He sees the horrible things, he does as necessary to keep ordering Yara. He takes the ride outside the palace as an opportunity to educate Diego on the burden of leadership by placing a live grenade in his son’s hands. Anthon and Diego are the first father and son villains in a Far Cry with other generational tensions that implies.

Far cry 6 gameplay details and info

Notice that we don’t see Anthon’s face for a long time in a trailer as Diego sees him as larger than life and maybe a distingue. It’s easy to speculate that they don’t have a very close relationship with Anthon more interested in holding an exercising power than being a duding father.

Anthon’s version of parenting appears to be preparing his son to real power nor his dialogue indicates intense to pass his title on to his son which would suggest the people don’t have much say in their future leadership. When we finally do see Anthon’s face he is played by Giancarlo Esposito best known as Gust Fring and breaking bad.

The fact Ubisoft brought an actor universally acclaimed for his work as some of the greatest villains of recent years indicates that they are going above and beyond Anthon Castillo. Far Cry villains like Vaas and Pagan Min were rememberable and cyclonically compelling indigenous but Anthon has an understanding power over people that don’t have the presence in a series. As he colliery fearlessly exposes himself and his son to potential danger both in the form of Diego grenade and in the form of the crowd that can throw and shoot things at them they get a taste of what is up against them in the final game.


Anthon’s is in charge or certainly believes himself to be. We have to wonder when we step in the shoes of local Yara kept in a case of the revolution who or what will replace Anthon with and maybe the biggest question of all what will Diego shoes, we don’t see his final decision is with a live grenade, his fingers appear to lose but then we cut to black. Diego is it his father at least not yet will be able to influence his choices or will defeating Anthon make Diego into even a bigger threat to his father ever was.

Could Diego an ally to the revolution to play a cards ride well we can’t wait to play Far Cry 6 and learn the answer with ourselves.