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FAW V2 – Review

FAW V2 updated price from 1st  January 2018 is 11,00,000. If you compare this car according to its price it is competitive of Suzuki Wagon-R but if we look into its engine size and car size then it is comparable to Suzuki Swift.


The interior build quality is really good and the thing I was expecting that FAW V2 is a Chinese car that will have so many glitches but the car is not that bad. If you see closely to deck and scroll there is some gap that looks bad and inside wires can be easily seen. The power window switches are in a very old position which is like the style of Mercedes in 1990 to 2001 model car. The indicators and vipers positioning are opposite (usually the viper button is on the left side and the indicator button is on right) but in this car its reverse.


The thing you will notice that you are sitting in a Chinese car is its audio system, especially when it starts to display it feels cheap. No doubt the audio system has many options but it bad quality-wise.

The two options that I have not seen in local manufacturing cars are EBD which is only I have seen in New Honda Civic but this car has an EBD brake system and also has electronic power steering which doesn’t come in this league cars.

The front legroom of the car has space and the headroom is considerable because the has its general height which is good.


The ground clearance of the car is optimal as compared to Vitz when you cross the jump it is a close call no doubt. But this car was comfortable on every jump. The brakes of the car are efficient but I was surprised when I used to brake a couple of times smoke came out of the brakes and smell too.

Fuel Average

Fuel Economy of FAW V2 is 10-11KM/L (In City)

On Long Route Maximum 13KM/L

Faw v2 review

Most people think Chinese products are of low quality but I disagree with this. As you know the Apple and other electronic things are manufactured in china, so basically it depends on which quality of product it is.