Ferrari roma 2021 review

Ferrari Roma (2021) | Everything you need to know

Roma is the new baby of Ferrari’s and it’s a small front-engine coupe to rival cars like the Aston Martin vantage and the Mclaren Gt. it’s a new addition to the Ferrari’s lineup and promises to combine style and performance in a package you could drive every day.

It’s built using some of the basic ingredients from the Portofino which is Ferrari’s popular little drop-top coupe like the convertible. The Roma has a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged v8 in the front but here it makes 620 horsepower which is 20 more than its stablemate.

There are some other similarities but we think the Roma still manages to be very much its car and visually is much more classical in design.

Ferrari roma 2021 interior

If the Portofino is an electric guitar then this is a finely crafted violin and speaking of musical instruments. Ferrari likes to give all of his cars a unique sound a kind of an individual voice and for the Roma, they’ve tweaked the exhaust and fiddle around with the bypass valves so it hits those high notes.

It sounds very good but to be honest, we think it looks even better Ferrari’s designers say the Roma is inspired by classic cars in the 50s and 60s such as the 250 GT and it has a sort of 1960 silhouette with nice smooth flowing lines with no big spoilers or air scoops to complicate the styling at all the Roma manages to be contemporary and classic at the same time.

Moving Ferrari’s design language forward with details like the flat bar tail lights whilst also paying tribute to its past, the bulge in the sense of the bonnet for example is pure 275 Gt but don’t let all these retro touches for you because as keen as Ferrari are to echo their heritage and their past the Roma has all the technology you would expect from a modern-day sports car.

Ferrari roma front engine

Like active aero for example when you pick up the pace a spoiler pops up from the tail to help with high-speed stability and downforce just when you need it and the theme of bringing Ferrari’s pass into the present continues with the interior.

The cab is divided into two cells from swooping center console you’ve got one side for the captain and one side for your co-pilot at the bottom of the center console you’ve got a little cubby hole to hide the all-new key.

Now this car gives you keyless entry and exit and you better get used to this because you’re going to see this on every single new Ferrari moving forward. First time in the Roma though. It’s completely digital too everything’s digital even the steering wheels digital but these screens when you start it up flicker into life on what Ferrari calls a start ceremony.

This interface was first seen on the Sf90 Stradali but this has been updated for Roma and it’s all about keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Ferrari wants you to enjoy your drive without being distracted also the old classic gear lever might be long gone but in this car a bit of a nod to Ferrari’s cars of the past with a classic stick shift and for the first time on a Ferrari grand tourer you’ve got five positions on the Mautino switch.

There’s a wet mode which is perfect for the great British summer, you’ve got comfort mode for everyday driving then when you change the mode into the sport it starts to lighten things up. Race mode is for when you’re late for work and finally, you’ve got esc off mode which turns the traction control off and it’s perfect for warming up the tires you know just to be safe.

Video Courtesy: Ferrari

The truth is no matter what mode you’re in the Roma feels very quick and we know Ferrari doesn’t exactly do slow but 620 horsepower that’s only 40 shies of the Ferrari Enzo a v12 halo car.

The precursor of the LA Ferrari and one of the best things about this car is how it rips it rips to seven and a half thousand rpm which is just utterly bonkers for a turbocharged car and whereas most turbocharged engines take a big deep breath before they fling you down the road.

There’s zero turbo lag with the Roma, the throttle response is so sharp it’s so immediate it just feels like an old-school v8 Ferrari for this we can thank faster-spinning turbos and something called variable boost management essentially it means zero turbo lag and it makes it feel much more like a matching aspirated engine.

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