Ford f150 (2021) review

Ford F-150 (2021) | Best Selling Truck in the World

Ford F-150 pickup truck is the most sold truck in America and to put into perspective Ford sold almost 1 million of these extreme trucks in 2018 whereas in the UK there were a total of 2.3 million cars sold that’s every single model. This truck has been on sale since 1948 and it’s now in its 13th generation and a major update in 2015 and then subsequent model year changes very minor just some cosmetic.

Talking about the f-150s design it’s pretty standard fare at the back but you do have f-150 stamped into the rear tailgate also a big Ford badge as well, the lights pretty basic really although they do have a bit of a shape to them here and then you have the fx4 sticker for this particular car cuz it’s got the off-road pack and that includes summit.

Ford f150 (2021) seats & center console

Rated off-road shock absorbers locking rear differential and some skid plates underneath it. It’s also got a Sport Package which includes machined 18-inch alloy wheels which do look rather nice down the side

The four-door version is the larger super crew cab you can also get one with smaller rear doors the super cabinet is the normal cab which just has the front doors also there is one key thing of the Ford f-150 the cutout in the door which improves visibility at the side windows moving towards the front we’ve got the f-150 badge here and it shows that this one is the lariat model which is kind of mid-spec various creases and cutouts in the bonnet which for claims help improve aerodynamics.

If you look at the front of this truck you wouldn’t think it was that aerodynamic though to be fair none of them are real and we do have some classic Ford styling features.

Ford f150 (2021) interior

If you see headlamps and within there at night you get c-shaped daytime when lights which look super cool. You will get two big slots in the grille and once again a big Ford logo it’s a purposeful look and it’s very familiar well it is if you’re American.

The Ford f-150s an interior design is generally okay, we like the big center console the vertical air vents, and some of the cutout so you have around the place and the shinier bits of trim around the air vents and the silver effect.

The door handles look pretty cheap and the handle itself that you’d grab feels flimsy but we do like the mechanism the way you hold on to that then you just open the door by going right up that’s kind of cool good idea.

The layout of things is generally pretty well thought out as well so you’ve got your climate control. Some of the buttons are a little bit bigger than those for the heated seats and the ventilated seats.

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You have got four-wheel-drive selector and your trailer braking also plus you have an electronic handbrake that looks modern.  You have adjustable pedals so you can move them in and out which is handy as well.

You can move the steering wheel up and down on this car electrically in and out also the seats are electric on this lorry out model. The seats are leather made it also has a sync 3 system. The car is quite nice to use.

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