Marvel characters skin in fortnite

Fortnite x Marvel: Unlock Wolverine’s Skin Challenge

If you guys have been paying attention to Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 then you know that the latest wolverine challenge was just released. If you want to get a skin you’ll first have to buy the battle pass which is the prerequisite for being able to complete any of its challenges once you’ve unlocked the challenges you’ll have to hunt wolverine down in a match.

He spawns between weeping woods and Slurpee swamp this sounds pretty easy but only one wolverine spawns per match and you have to beat the other players to get the reward also wolverine can take a lot of hits and deals quite a bit of damage so don’t be afraid to take some friends with you once you kill wolverine you’ll have unlocked his skin and you’ll be ready to go as the intimidating superhero.

How are you liking chapter 2 season 4 so far have you been able to get the wolverine skin yet let us know in the comments below and as always stay connected for more updates.