Kia soul 2021 review

Kia Soul 2021 | Boxy SUV – Review

The 2021 Kia Soul is a crossover hatchback SUV it was specifically designed in California with the US market in mind Kia builds the souls in South Korea. This is the third generation of the car and the first iteration of the soul was presented in 2008 the soul does not have much legacy to fall back on the 2021 model will be a refresh of the all-new 2020 Kia Soul.

This third-generation soul is marked by the existence of an all-electric Kia Soul the soul level and Europe the model will be limited to the soul level.

2021 Kia Soul a box on wheels we do not like about the 2021 Kia Soul is its overly boxy design that does have an all-wheel-drive option but we do not feel this as usable as an ATV. The soul was launched in the second quarter of 2020 at released the third-generation Kia Soul did sell more than the previous generation in the first two months but after July 2019 sales seemed to have stalled increased figured only seemed to be driven by the novelty of the third generation.

Kia soul 2021 interior

Kia has not been able to keep up with the expectations of the boxy look that is a matter of personal taste if you like them squared around it. Kia Soul engine options the soul is available with three types of motorization in the US the all exact Rick’s soul level a 2.0 liters i4 and a 1 point 6 liters turbo 4 engine and for those who want to take the car off terrain, an extra-rugged trim option is available.

The 2021 Kia Soul EV brings a fairly generous 64 kWh battery pack. The EV will have a range of 243 miles and that is more than the Chevrolet Volt or Kia’s competitor the Kia Niro F.

The normal engine boasts up to 147 horsepower from the front wheels and is available with manual or 6-speed automatic transmission more than enough power for this driving brick refresh the 2021 Kia soul. We’ll only be a refresh of the 2020 model as it will be the second year for the new generation we expect that Kia will have fixed any production issues with the car and Kia will have adjusted any major issues the car might have.

Kia soul 2021 exterior

The new generation brought better mileage when compared to the second generation 2021 Kia Soul. The exterior and interior new souls wheelbase has been extended by about two-inch giving more space in the interior. The boxed outsides also seem to help to make the cabin extra spacious with a cargo space that has been extended with 25% mainly by carving out more space Kia managed to provide enough space for a lot of luggage.

There is plenty of space for this budget-friendly SUV the square space hatchback also brings a lot of headroom for the passengers that might be ugly from the outside, it is spacious from the inside.

Kia Soul Tech and safety THS soul comes with a lot of options albeit that we find that the base model lacked too many features.

Optional safety features include automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning, cross-traffic alerts in the usual suspects as for the tech connectivity features apple car play and android are supported. These are features that are not even available on other more expensive or exclusive car brands.

Good job Kia keep up the south Korean tech innovations a 10-inch screen is available for the XM GT line turbo models but the 8-inch screen on other models is already a nice-to-have.

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