Lucid air 2021 review

All New Lucid Air (2021) – Review

Lucid just announced for their new car the Lucid Air. So first impressions the Lucid Air is pretty impressive but probably not for the reasons that you’re thinking. Let’s just go through the typical categories and we’ll give you kind of our thoughts on each one and then at the end kind of recap the overall kind of thoughts behind this vehicle.

In this company where it can or should maybe go starting with rains one of the key aspects of an electric car they knock it out of the park four to five hundred miles and above is just the best that there is the model, s has you know 400 plus miles just barely here you’re looking at the high 400s to above 500 miles of range with the longer-range edition.

Fantastic pushing the things forward in the EV space and we love that so yeah big thumbs up for what they were able to do there, along with that they’re able to charge at 300 kilowatts which are faster than anyone out there.

Lucid air 2021 back seats

We know the Porsche Tai can reportedly go 350 but if you look on their website unless they’ve changed it since the last we looked the max that they can do is 280 kilowatts with their current technology so this just kind of pushes all the key metrics forward in that kind of range anxiety feel that range anxiety genre there now the home charging is also nothing to snub at because you can get about 80 miles of range in one hour with their home charger set up.

There are some other bits you have to install that is impressive as well although we’ll say less important because usually for us anyways and we think most people you get home you plug in overnight so you’re good to go in the next morning it’s not a big problem in terms of how fast can you charge at home but pushing things forward so yeah very good job in that realm on the performance side they’re also crushing it with a 0 to 60 of under 3 seconds which we want to try out for ourself and then their quarter-mile time of being under 10 seconds is insane that is truly impressive for a very kind of practical spacious sedan.

Lucid air 2021 interior

If you know it’s up there with the model S we think it may beat it in a lot of cases now along with the performance, we got kind of looked at the utility as well the interior of the car was spacious from a seating and comfort standpoint is really good

The trunk was massive super wide and deep it had that kind of that false bottom that secondary trunk there so that is impressive that it can do that on the front side of it and then the trunk because of the way the windshield comes down. The opening is kind of sandwiched together it is super wide and they’re able to leverage all of the space that they can but we have a hard time imagining trying to fit a larger item back there even like a stroller or something like that might be practical you’d want to put in this car.

So yeah there may be cubic feet wise a lot there but we are curious how usable it is in real life when it comes to price.

There are a few different trim levels that we have to look at that change the overall cost first you have the air which is the base model and this starts below 80,000$ but remember there’s still that 7500$ tax credit and other states offering different incentives depending on where you live.

Let’s talk about the 900-volt architecture, this architecture enables an incredible amount of efficiency when it comes to transferring the actual energy stored in the battery to pushing you forward now some other bits make it kind of more challenging because 900 volts and you know let’s say 10000 volts don’t necessarily mean better always. It’s more about how you use them and with the wonder box.

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