Maserati mc 20 review

Maserati MC20 Supercar (2021) | Review

Today we are going to review the brand new Maserati MC20 mc stands for Maserati Corsa. This car the beginning of a new era for Maserati. The car itself defines the shape of the cockpit, it defines the approach of the engine compartment and for a car like the MC20 most importantly it also defines the aerodynamic characteristics.

The MC20 was able to avoid any additional need for a spoiler which again helps in with the car design philosophy of remaining pure and timeless and avoiding any unnecessary distraction.

Maserati mc 20 doors

One of our favorite elements on the Maserati MC20 is the very dramatic doors that open in supercar worthy butterfly style but besides the dramatic look, it offers there’s really mostly a functional reason they opted for this choice and that is the ease of ingress and egress with this wide opening and also to allow the customer to truly enjoy the beauty of the engineering part of this car.

The carbon fiber top: once you’re in the interior of the Maserati MC20 you will see that this is all about keeping your eyes on the road all about avoiding distraction but also all about absolute cabin space and comfort.

Maserati mc 20 interior

This car is racetrack-ready but at the same time will give you space and the comfort and the amenities and the technology to go the long-distance travel. You will see very pure shapes very pure form you’ll see that the center console is moved very low very much out of the way only housing the most important features which are the drive mode selector, to select between manual and drive into the park of course everything else is remaining very pure.


You can operate the rest of the car all from your fingertips and the steering wheel with all the controls and of course the Maserati iconic pedal shifter as always it all starts with what we think is one of the most iconic badges in the industry.

The Maserati trident is beautifully framed by an interesting grill that brings together the design philosophy of the very clean hand-sculpted upper of the car with very much computer design, purely functional almost raw engineering lower of the car bringing these two worlds together beautiful sculpture but also performance-oriented engineering so the design philosophy of creoles continues on the side of the Maserati MC20.

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