Mazda cx30 road test

Mazda CX30 | Best Family SUV?

If you’re familiar with Mazda’s lineup then this new SUVs name might be a bit confusing. Mazda has already got CX 3 and CX 5this CX 30sits in the middle of those cars and its not the CX 4 because Mazda had already nabbed that name for another model in China.


The Mazda CX 30 is rival two SUVs like the Skoda Karoq but the pricier versions of it also get pretty close to the Volvo XC 40now the car itself is based on the new Mazda 3 hatchback but it been made to be slightly shorter and the first thing you notice when you get in the car is that this doesn’t feel like an SUV so you don’t sit noticeably high off the ground it feels no higher than just the normal hatchback but if that isn’t such a problem for you then there are lots of things to like in the CX 30s interior. Plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel and the steering wheel itself feels nice it’s not awkwardly chunky and big and it’s not too skinny it just feels like really nice material around it as well and the seat also has loads of adjustment too you’ve even got the option of lifting the front of it to support your thighs but you cant get adjustable lumbar support on the trims below the top two ones.

Mazda cx30 interior

The front pillars could be a little thinner they can sometimes get in the way of your view when you’re trying to pull out with junctions but the view over the shoulder towards the back is okay but you’ve got pretty small rear windows and also the rear screen itself is pretty small as well so its not a patch on the nice large glass area that you get in the Skoda Karoq but its still not awful either and also you get front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera is standard and you can also get one of those bird’s-eye view 360degree cameras too.

Up Front

The good thing about the driving position is that you get a part digital drive display now it’s not fully digital so it doesn’t show you the breadth of information and its not quite customizable as that in the Skoda SUV but it’s still very crisp very clear and you also get a head-up display as standard on every model but where the CX30 stands out against every rival you can put it up against is the build quality in here because it’s excellent so all the materials on the dashboard are incredibly plush feel nice solid durable and all the buttons have a real good feel of quality to them as well and you can also get this nice kind of two-tone leather effect on the dashboard too and you can also have a nice bright leather interior for your seats too so the quality in Mazda CX 30 is excellent.

You’ve got to jump up to cars like the BMW X1 and Volvo X and 40to get close what CX30 offers. Another area where CX30 stands out from its rivals inside is with its infotainment because it got an 8.8-inch screen which is recessed into the dashboard and centrally mounted but it’s just a screen but not a touch screen because instead its got this rotary dial down here with some shortcut buttons around it and you can only use this and the shortcut buttons on the steering wheel to control it.

Mazda cx30 review

Mazda has decided not to use a touchscreen because it says its too distracting to use on the move and you can’t argue with that can you now do not despair at all that this isn’t a touchscreen because it’s incredibly simple to use very responsive just as responsive as the other systems available in Skoda SUV as well. The shortcut buttons are very intuitive it got a simple menu layout and it’s just great to use plus don’t forget it comes with apple car play and android auto as well as a DAV radio and Bluetooth which of course you’re coming to expect.

The space up front is pretty good even with the panoramic sunroof there is plenty of headroom and as we said loads of adjustments in driving positions even if you’ve long legs you’re gonna be fine upfront, it also feels like a relatively wide interior and for storage you’ve got slidable armrest which is very well placed. When you slide it back you see underneath here you’ve got a storage compartment with a USB port and further up on the center console underneath here a couple of cup holders which are very neatly disguised with the lid and when it closed ahead of that is very handy and the glove box is pretty good size particularly nothing special but generally hugely impressive upfront in the cx30.

Luggage Capacity

In the back things aren’t so good and it starts with the doors because if you see they don’t that big and they don’t open that wide either so getting in is a bit more of a struggle than it is in other SUVs and then when you are in the back seat the legroom isn’t as good as Skoda Karoq but there is an okay amount of room in the back for your feet under the seat. Headroom is alright too but generally, Skoda gives you a far greater sense of airiness in the back especially because if you can see the back seats windows are pretty small in the cx30 so it doesn’t really feel very spacious and you also only have a 60/40 split-folding rear seats whereas Skoda gets 40/20/40 split-folding seats.

You can’t fold the rear seats from the boot but the space you do get is more than you will in a Volkswagen Golf or any other hatchback of a similar size but by family SUV standards this is below average it’s around the same as in this cash code but smaller than the Skoda Karoq you don’t have two-level boot floor either but an electric tailgate is standard on all but the entry-level trim.


The lower level trim of Mazda CX30 apprised pretty much in line with the equivalent versions of a Skoda Karoq as you go up the trim levels you get closer to other versions of the Polo X and 14so in other words this car can be an expensive option.

Mazda has a pretty good reliability record and every cx30 comes with a three year or 60,000-mile warranty which is the same offered by Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen. In safety tests, the CX30 was found to afford outstanding protection to the driver and front-seat passenger achieved an excellent 99 percent of the score for adult occupant protection.


The CX30 comes with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning with lane-keeping assistance, a rear cross-traffic alert system to warn traffic in your port on reversing into a road, and a driver attention alert system as standard that’s more standard safety equipment that many competitors can master.

Problems we noticed

There are few problems with Mazda CX30 on the road. We will start with engines, it offers naturally aspirated engines rather than turbocharged engines which many of its rivals have and the downside of that is that it just doesn’t offer low gear flexibility that you get in the Karoq, so it means these engines can feel a bit weedy. There are two available and of them, it’s the SKYACTIV-G 2-liter which is the better one to recommend because it gets 120brake horsepower and the SKYACTIV-X gets 170 brake horsepower and it gets lower co2 emissions it’s so much more expensive you need to be working it pretty hard to notice that extra pace that it brings. So on balance, we stick with the skyactiv-g.

One benefit though of these 4 cylinders 2-liter engines is that they are generally smoother and quieter than the 3 cylinder turbocharged engines in its rivals and another good thing about CX30 is the excellent six-speed manual gearbox that it gets its got a short snappy throw its just great to use, got a reassuring lean mechanical feel to it as well and its just brilliant much nicer than plenty of other manual gearboxes in this class.

You can also get a 6-speed automatic gearbox as an option and while that’s fairly responsive and pretty good. When it comes to riding in CX30 there is a bit of fidget to it at low speed and even when you’re on the motorway going a bit quicker it doesn’t settle down much then either so when you pass over a pothole you get a pretty strong thud up through the seat something like a Karoq just offers a much more cushioned comfortable relaxing drive down the CX30.

The body control is pretty good so if you go around some corners quite quickly there’s not much body leading to contend with at all so it feels quite well tied down in the respect.