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Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021 – Breathtaking Super Sports Car

This is for sure the right place to introduce to you the aerodynamic features of the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. From the beginning of the project, Mercedes have had very ambitious targets. Their goal was to develop an aerodynamic concept that allows a two-in-one solution.

In other words: they strove for an aerodynamic balance that meets both the requirements: road and racetrack. And the key to success is innovative active aerodynamics. In the front, they have the new, significantly wider inlet.

Mercedes amg gt black series rear

This is a carry-over from the GT3 race car. It increases furthermore the cooling efficiency and eliminates the need for separate inlets for wheel arch radiators, which are now supplied via the main air inlet. The aerodynamic profile extends forwards and downwards, increasing the venturi effect underneath the car.

Mercedes came up with the idea of an active elastic aerodynamic shape, the aero profile modifies its shape by increasing the driving speed. More elastic deformation means even more downforce.

Integrated cooling air ducts in the side member fairings and on the rear axle for brake cooling. On the bonnet, you see the two outlets where they dissipate the hot air coming from the cooling system. The flow is redirected precisely around the A-pillars.

In this way, the rear wing concept is perfectly exposed to the air stream. The double rear wing with the large upper wing panel interacts with the significantly smaller lower wing panel and provides the best adjustment for any racetrack or driver skill level. Both wing boards are also manually adjustable in three steps for street or race use.

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Another detail in this context is the flap placed in the upper rear wing panel, which can also be electrically adjusted. It improves the longitudinal and lateral dynamics. The wider wing support allows a lower flap position with the same amount of downforce – meaning a higher wing efficiency.

The whole wing system is designed under the standpoint of lightweight. By doubling the projected surface area of the wings and modifying the profiles more than doubled the amount of vertical load.

The bottom line is that they have achieved even further improvement compared to Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO. The extreme changes in design and technical features allowed them to increase aero efficiency by more than 200%. The practical advantage is clear and convincing: what you get is the driving experience of a Nuerburgring born racecar also driven on public roads with a number plate.

That would not be possible by simply copying race car features. That’s why the technology transfer between racing and series takes place in both directions. And that’s it from our perspective.

We hope you got a nice impression of this new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. Stay connected for more updates.