Poco x3 nfc review

POCO X3 NFC Review – should you buy it?

The POCO X3 NFC is a mid-range phone that promises a bunch of trendy features like a high refresh rate, screen stereo speakers, and quad cameras but for just 230 Euros is it able to deliver.

Let’s find out

The POCO X3’s metallic textured pattern and large POCO logo give it a unique look you won’t mistake for another phone like many mid-rangers. Its back is made from plastic though it does have an aluminum frame, it’s strange that POCO named this device after NFC though as it boasts other arguably more impressive features like ip53 splash resistance which is hard to find at this price or a high refresh rate screen.

The display is a 6.67 inch, IPS LCD with a 1080p resolution and it brings a super-fast 120hz refresh rate.

This means that UI elements and supported apps will appear much smoother to the eye like when you’re scrolling however the implementation here isn’t perfect the pixel response time doesn’t seem to be as fast as the refresh rate so you’ll notice some ghosting if you look closely this doesn’t take away from the smoothness though.

Poco x3 nfc best budget phone
POCO X3 NFC – Unboxing

Besides the refresh rate, there’s a super-fast 240hz touch sampling rate too this means the display is super responsive to your touch which is great for gaming. Blacks are deep and contrast is very good too.

You can set colors to be pretty accurate in settings and brightness is good with a maximum of 460 NITS with a slider and a boost up to 630 NITS in auto mode when in the bright sun plus it’s all protected by a layer of gorilla glass 5.

For your audio the POCO X3 NFC has a hybrid stereo speaker setup with one bottom-firing speaker and the earpiece acting as the second one it’s pretty loud scoring very good in our loudness test quality is decent here too but mid-tones are a bit lacking.

There is a 3.5-millimeter jack on the POCO X3 as well great for plugging in traditional headphones, there’s support for FM radio too and you get a white status led behind the speaker gorilla it’ll let you know if you have a missed call or a message to read.

Poco x3 nfc back side and camera

You can wake up and unlock the POCO X3 NFC with the fingerprint sensor located on the side which doubles as the power button it’s super responsive and storage is expandable on this device on top of the 64 or 128 gigs builtin the POCO X3’s interface is Xiaomi’s new MIUI 12 based on Android 10. it’s quite clean and snappy your apps are stored in an app drawer by default and it automatically organizes them into categories.

Something unique to the POCO is that you don’t get the option to disable the drawer and keep your apps on the home screen like you can on Xiaomi phones. One special feature in MIUI 12 is that the notification shade can be split into two parts a notifications panel and a control panel.

You also have the ability to put an app into a floating window where it can hover above everything else great for multitasking and as before MIUI 12 packs, proprietary apps for the gallery, music and video player, and in some regions the music and video apps include paid streaming options.

Poco x3 nfc game test
POCO X3 NFC – Game Test

Speaking of things that may vary from region to region we’ve heard reports of ads baked into the user interface in some markets but on our unit we didn’t run into any ads whatsoever. Now let’s talk about performance the POCO X3 NFC runs on a snapdragon 732G it’s a new chip that offers some of the best performance in the 4g mid-range segment CPU-wise is only bested by the higher-ranked snapdragon 765S and in graphics tests, it’s able to outperform most of the mid-ranges we’ve tested so far.

Games run great and we didn’t run into any hiccups with other tasks either plus we didn’t have any problems with overheating thanks to a vapor chamber plus two graphite layers these should help dissipate the heat and prevent hot spots.

The POCO X3 NFC is powered by a large 5160 mAH battery and as you’d expect battery life is great the phone was able to score an outstanding endurance rating of 125 hours in our proprietary tests.

Though the battery is large you can top it up pretty fast with the 33-watt charger that comes in the box with it we were able to charge the phone from zero to 55 in half an hour.

Poco x3 nfc camera
POCO X3 NFC – Camera

The POCO X3 NFC packs a quad-camera setup with a 64-megapixel main cam, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle cam, a 2-megapixel macro cam, and a depth sensor.

Photos from the main camera come out in 16 megapixels and they’re excellent for this class, there’s enough detail great contrast lively colors, and wide dynamic range. The POCO X3 NFC has a 20-megapixel front-facing camera and his photos are good there’s enough detail nice colors and excellent contrast focus is fixed but we didn’t find it difficult to take a sharp photo.

The POCO X3 takes videos with its main and ultrawide cameras in up to 4k at 30fps. Footage from the main cam has accurate colors great contrast and wide enough dynamic range. The level of detail is just average but we still like the result videos from the ultrawide are pretty good for the class. The detail level is just okay and the dynamic range is limited but you get accurate colors and good contrast. Electronic stabilization is available for both cameras and all resolutions and it does a good job of smoothing things out.

So that’s the POCO X3 NFC you get a large and responsive high refresh rate screen, splash proofing a great mid-range chipset, awesome battery life, pretty fast charging, and a versatile set of cameras. All for just around 230 Euros.

Video Courtesy: Argus World Plus

POCO was actually able to deliver on pretty much every promise and it’s a pleasant surprise at this price point our only nitpicks would be the ghosting on the screen when scrolling in 120 hertz and the camera quality and low cut and while having stereo speakers is commendable they could have been tuned better but these things are all pretty easy to forgive when you consider how much value you’re getting here.

The POCO X3 NFC is a great mid-range phone that’s definitely worth recommending to anyone looking for a ton of bang for their buck and as always stay connected for more updates.