Samsung exynos 1080

Samsung announced Exynos 1080 chipset – Successor to the Exynos 980

So next year is very important for Samsung as it’s a transitional period for their Exynos team as the next generation Exynos processors will move away from custom M cores to stock cores from ARM. Now the first Exynos chipset to see this change is confirmed by none other than the director of Samsung China R&D Institute. He revealed that Exynos 1080 is going to be the successor to the Exynos 980 which was seen on devices like the Galaxy A71, A51 5G, and more.

Samsung exynos chipset

For some clarity, Exynos 980 is equivalent to Snapdragon 765. So Exynos 1080 is an upper midrange processor and is the successor to the 980. It’s a 5nm chipset and will debut by the end of the year on a Vivo-branded smartphone. But here’s the interesting part.

Samsung exynos ice universe report


Dr. Pan who as we’ve said is the director of Samsung China R&D also shared the Antutu score of this Exynos 1080 chipset and it scored a massive 650000 points in this benchmarking site. For comparison the best performing flagship phone right now with Snapdragon 865+ scores 615K on Antutu.

Antutu benchmark result for exynos chipset

So let us get this straight, an upper midrange processor from Samsung comfortably beats the present highest scoring mobile SoC on the planet – Qualcomm’s present flagship, the Snapdragon 865 Plus. Let than sink in for a second.

By the way, this isn’t just a rumor or some random site claiming these numbers but it’s coming one of Samsung’s officials in China. So this is as legit as it can get. This Exynos 1080 is using Cortex A78 and Mali-G78 GPU.

Exynos chipset beats qualcomm

So this basically means that the upper midrange segment next year is going to be very competitive and powerful. Now, this left me wondering if an upper midrange Exynos chip can comfortably beat Qualcomm’s latest flagship soc then just imagine how well their main flagship Exynos 2100 is going to perform next year on devices like the Galaxy S21 and Note 21.

Antutu benchmark results for 2020
Antutu Results

Thankfully we have some more information about that as well courtesy of Ice Universe. A few days ago he said Exynos 2100 may not use the Cortex X1 cores citing this benchmark. Turns out the benchmark was rigged. The Exynos 2100 will surely use the Cortex X1 cores as pointed out in this new Geekbench benchmark.

Samsung partners with arm

Also, ARM has named Samsung as their partner for this X1 cores on their own website. So we were confused when Ice said Exynos 2100 will not use X1 cores a few days ago but good to know that isn’t the case. For those unaware, the Cortex X1 is a really powerful core that offers 30% more power than Cortex A77 used by the latest Snapdragon 865+.

Samsung exynos chipset made for gamers

He also says Exynos 2100 will use Mali-G78 MP14 GPU which he says performs in line with Snapdragon 875’s Adreno660@800MHz if not better. Now, we still don’t know if Qualcomm is going to use Cortex X1 cores on Snapdragon 875. If they use it then Exynos 2100 and 875 are going to go neck and neck when it comes to performance.

Exynos vs snapdragon


ARM has made significant improvements to the new Mali GPU and whether or not it performs on par or better than the new Adreno is remains to be seen. But one thing is clear, the days of Exynos lacking behind Snapdragon are behind us, and consumers in Europe and Asia shouldn’t feel like they are getting cheated by offering an inferior chipset for the same price.

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