Samsung galaxy a72 5g review

Samsung Galaxy A72 looks identical to the Galaxy A52

So a few days ago we had the first look at the midrange Galaxy A52 which shows the handset looks identical to the A51 from the front and has somewhat a different camera layout from the back. But the A52 isn’t the only Galaxy A series phone getting an update in 2021. Its bigger brother Galaxy A72 will see a refresh as well.

As some of the key specifications of the handset which will make you wonder, Onleaks has revealed the official CAD renders of the Galaxy A72, and as you will see it looks identical to the Galaxy A52 both from the front and back, just that only the 4th camera position has been changed. It’s below the flash on the A72 where’s the camera is above the flash on the A52.

Also compared to the Galaxy A71, there’s no major difference in the appearance just the camera layout somewhat looks like the Galaxy Note 20 with those huge camera lenses. The back is still made from plastic as Samsung would like to call it with an aluminum frame.

Samsung a72 back camera design

Now about the specifications, the display size is 6.7″ FHD+ flat AMOLED and thankfully the phone has a headphone jack. The cameras are where things will get a little weird. Unlike previous rumors suggested, the phone won’t have 5 rear cameras but instead, it’s 4 just like the A71.

Headlined by a 64MP primary camera, the phone will have a 12MP secondary wide-angle camera but interestingly there’s no zoom lens here. Those third and fourth cameras are straight-up trash. Both are 5MP depth and macro cameras. We said this over and over again, we don’t understand why these companies even bother putting these cameras in the first place. We mean why in the world you need a macro camera and what’s the point of a depth camera when you can achieve the same effect from the main camera itself.

To be honest, it’s just a dual-camera phone, we’ll tell you why they are putting 4 cameras on this because it’s easier to market a 4 camera phone than a 2 camera phone and these macro and depth cameras combined cost a fraction of what a zoom lens costs. So it’s a win-win situation for the company and that’s why we see this practice being carried out by all the Android manufacturers out there.

Samsung a72 camera

Now, we still don’t which processor this phone will end up with, but just like the Galaxy A52, there will be two processor options and that depends on 4G and 5G. There are rumors that the 5G version might use the Exynos 1080 which offers performance close to the flagship Snapdragon 888 according to the benchmarks. But in our opinion, that possibility is still deep inside the wishful thinking territory. That isn’t to say we are not keeping our fingers crossed. If it indeed ends up with Exynos 1080, it’ll be a big selling point for this phone.

As for the price expect somewhere around $599 for the 5G version and around $100 less for the 4G version. Since the CAD leaks are out expect the official announcement soon after the Unpacked Event. Of course with that being said, let us know what do you think about this down in the comments, and as always stay connected for more updates.