Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra have been revealed

Samsung is rushing the Galaxy S21 Ultra launch. Usually, they launch the S series phone in February but this time Samsung has decided for some reason to launch it earlier than usual in the first half of January. As a result, we are seeing the official CAD leaks of the Galaxy S21 Ultra a month earlier than usual.

To give you some context we got the official CAD leaks of the Galaxy S20 on November 22nd so than launching the Galaxy S21 in January is more than likely true. Anyway, we have the first look of the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra, and it shows a redesigned wrap around camera module that you may or may not like.

You can see the camera bump extends around the edges of the frame. It kinda reminds us of the Phantom movie character which looks as funky as funky can get. It surely stands out from the sea of same-looking camera designs out there but whether or not it looks good is purely subjective.

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra design
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Personally, when we saw the design of the S21 we didn’t like it that much but the S21 Ultra certainly looks better even though the camera module is big. It’s even bigger than the already big Galaxy S20 Ultra. We guess we’re not that far away when the camera module may take over the entire back of the smartphone but in any case, the camera design is unique and sets itself apart from the competition.

As you can see there are 4 cameras because Samsung has decided to use two telephoto cameras instead of one to get a better short-range zoom. You see S20 Ultra takes good 4x zoom photos from its periscope zoom camera but the problem with periscope cameras is that anything less than their highest zoom level which is 4x in S20 Ultra’s case, the zoomed-in photos don’t come out good.

Samsung galaxy s21 camera and design
Samsung Galaxy S21

So to avoid that issue Samsung is using another conventional 3x telephoto camera to take better short-range zoomed-in photos. Something that Huawei does on their flagships.

Moving on, the front looks the same as the S20 Ultra except the bezels are extremely slim. We mean look at that chin, though. It certainly looks like the thinnest one we have seen so far, even thinner than the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. The display is curved like the S20 Ultra and the punch hole camera is even smaller in diameter compared to its predecessor which is impressive.

As we already know Samsung has decided not to use the under-display camera tech on the S21 Ultra instead they are using it on the Z Fold 3. Now there’s no S Pen slot either which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be S Pen compatible.

Reports said that Samsung might enable S Pen functionality on the S21 but whether or not it’s actually true is remains to be seen. The display size is either between 6.7″ to 6.9″ and it’s even a little thicker than the S20 Ultra at 8.9mm. The Note 20 Ultra is 8.1mm thick by the way, so it’s not going to be a sleek handset.

Samsung galaxy s21 front

Now coming to the Galaxy S21, it has three cameras with flash integrated outside the module. The front looks like its predecessor except the display are flat which we are sure some of you are going to like. The S20 had more like a 2.5D glass so definitely, the S21 is a downgrade in my opinion. The punch hole camera has gotten smaller but the bezels have gotten a little thicker.

By the way, Ice Universe is adamant that the S21 is going to be a downgrade in a lot of ways which certainly is the case looking at the renders. He says the Galaxy S21 Ultra is going to be the true flagship in the S21 series offering every bells and whistle and Samsung will cut a lot of corners on the S21 plus to keep the costs down.

The Galaxy S20 series didn’t sell well primarily because of the insane costs and it looks like Samsung has learned their lesson and will price the S21 more sensibly this time. In any case, let us know what do you think about the camera design of the S21 Ultra, whether you like it or hate it and as always stay connected for more updates.