Samsung mocks huawei

Samsung is mocking Huawei for Lack of Goolgle services in their devices

Samsung loves to mock its competitors at every chance they get and they are back at it again. You see Huawei is the biggest competitor to Samsung for the past couple of years, it’s not Apple anymore because the company has decided to be lazy and the new iPhones don’t appeal much to Samsung users as they are at least a generation behind the latest offerings from Samsung.

Samsung used to mock Apple a lot with dedicated ad campaigns such as the infamous ingenious ads where Samsung used mock the iPhones in hilarious commercials. Now they don’t do it anymore because like we’ve said, the iPhones don’t really threaten Samsung’s position at the top of the mobile market.

Huawei compoany
Huawei Company

But Huawei is a different story.

They have been the second-biggest smartphone maker for a while now, they have been pushing Samsung to the limit and they were launching flagship features before Samsung such as reverse wireless charging, periscope zoom, night mode, and more. Huawei even surpassed Samsung in Quarter 2 of this year to become the number 1 smartphone company thanks to the pandemic of course.

Huawei beats samsung in global market

However, Samsung regained the top spot in Quarter 3. So Huawei has proved time and again that they are a threat to Samsung. But unfortunately, this success of Huawei is likely only temporary as it can no longer secure Google Mobile Services license for its devices. Because of this, the company’s latest phones lack access to Google’s popular Android apps and services such as Play Store.

Samsung leads in august 2020 mobile market report

This is an unexpected opportunity for Samsung and, naturally, the company is taking advantage of it. In a social media post, Samsung UK posted a video announcing they have trade-in offers for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The company is giving up to £350 off on exchange of old Huawei devices.

In the video, Samsung has called out the absence of Google Maps on Huawei devices saying and

We quote, “How do you upgrade to the latest Huawei phone without using your Google Maps app?”.

It is basically encouraging people to buy their device to continue using Google services in Europe. Now some of you might say that it isn’t cool on Samsung’s part to mock Huawei to sell their phones. Well, if you watch any of Huawei’s launch events you know that they love to mock Samsung and Apple.



In fact, almost half of their launch event is about comparing their phones with Samsung’s and Apple’s and boasting how good their phone is compared to others. So we don’t see anything wrong here. Samsung knows that a lot of Huawei users in Europe are or want to switch to a different brand and they want to attract them with trade-in deals.

Samsung gaining huawei popularity

Samsung is the biggest winner in this whole Huawei getting banned thing. We mean existing millions of Huawei users are not going to go to the dark side, they will stick to Android and Samsung phones are the closest Huawei users can relate to as far as offering the latest features are concerned.

Huawei mobile

Samsung knows this and they are taking advantage of it. Anyway, let us know what do you think about this down in the comments, and as always stay connected for more updates.