Samsung vs oneplus which is better

Samsung S20FE will make a huge dent on OnePlus Popularity

So over the past couple of years, Samsung flagships have gotten significantly better and at the same time have gotten significantly pricier. Case in point, the Galaxy S20, and Note 20 Ultra start at $1400 and $1300 respectively. Samsung’s flagships are the best phones money can buy but one of the biggest holes in Samsung’s flagship portfolio is that there’s no affordable option to compete against the likes of iPhone 11 or OnePlus flagships.

But that changes today courtesy of the newest member in the S20 family the Galaxy S20 FE. We’ve talked about this handset a couple of times in the past but Samsung made it official and they left us speechless when they revealed the prices for this variant and OnePlus should better watch out because it’s going to eat up their market share real quick.

Samsung vs oneplus which mobile is better

The Galaxy S20 FE has retained most of the core S20 features such as a 120Hz display, a 5G equipped Snapdragon 865, a robust flagship-grade triple camera setup, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, IP68 rating, a 4500mAh battery, and more.

Of course, Samsung made some trimmings such as a plastic back instead of glass, a 1080p+ display, an optical fingerprint scanner instead of ultrasonic, and a 6GB RAM. But by doing that they were able to shave $300 off the starting price of the Galaxy S20.

Yes, the S20 FE is priced at $699 for the 5G Snapdragon 865 variant. But wait, there’s an Exynos 990 variant as well but it will be 4G only but the good thing is it’s going to cost $100 cheaper at $599. A Samsung flagship phone in 2020 at $599 who would have ever thought we would be able to see that.

The latest flagship from OnePlus, the smaller OnePlus 8 starts at $699 and the OnePlus 8 Pro at $900. Let’s consider OnePlus 8 because they are similarly priced and if you compare both of them side by side, you notice that Samsung offers a lot of features you won’t find on the OnePlus 8. Such as a higher refresh rate 120Hz display, wireless, and reverse wireless charging. IP68 rating, an expandable memory card slot, and a brand recognition that Samsung has all over the world.

Samsung vs oneplus specs review

The S20 FE also has the Xbox game pass where you play over 100 Xbox game titles with your phone. Of course, you need a controller for that. Samsung will also provide 3 years of operating system updates for this phone. In the United States specifically, the S20 FE is one of the least expensive phones available to feature a Snapdragon 865 processor. Coupled with Samsung’s outstanding carrier relationship which OnePlus lacks in a big way, the S20 FE will surely make a huge dent in OnePlus’s popularity.

A couple of days ago we got a report that Samsung will make at least 10 million units of this phone this year and to be honest, we thought Samsung is crazy to think they would be able to sell 10 million of these when their main S20 lineup was struggling to reach even 20 million sales.

Samsung Vs Oneplus

But at this price, we think it’s more than possible they would do it. Anyway, if you pre-order the phone you will get either a Galaxy Fit 2 for free or you can choose the Xbox game pass. Pre-orders must be placed between September 23 and October 1 to be eligible and the handset will be released on October 2.

With that said let me know what do you think about the value proposition of the S20 FE in the comments down below and as always stay connected for more updates.