Samsung is the number 1 smartphone company of 2020

Samsung Regained top spot in Smartphone Rankings

A few months ago Huawei did the unthinkable and overtook Samsung for the number one spot in smartphone rankings. They sold 55.8 million smartphones in Quarter 2 of this year whereas Samsung sold 53.7 million smartphones in the same time frame. Thereby claiming the title of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.

Smartphone ranking of june 2020

A few months ago no one saw this coming and rightfully so Samsung was far ahead of Huawei at that point. But due to the pandemic, all of Samsung’s biggest markets went into the lockdown whereas Huawei’s biggest market China was open and the economy was normal there. So Huawei managed to surpass Samsung only because of the pandemic.

Huawei over takes samsung

Now, the world economy is getting back to normal and a few months ago we said it was time Samsung would regain the top spot from Huawei and that’s exactly happened. We have fresh data for the month of August which shows that Samsung not only took the number one spot back but also widened the gap with Huawei considerably.

Samsung leads samrtphone ranking in august 2020

According to counterpoint research, Samsung accounted for 22 percent of the total global smartphone market share last month. This figure beats the Huawei’s 16 percent share during the same period.

Smartphone market share of august 2020

The 6 percent gap between the two consumer electronics makers marks the largest since February 2020, when China’s smartphone market was severely hit by COVID lockdowns.

Apple came in third with a market share of 12%, while the Chinese brand Xiaomi was in the fourth position with a market share of 11% in August.

Samsung lead smarphone ranking august 2020

Samsung has been expanding its presence in India which is the world’s 2nd biggest smartphone market by the way. There’s a border clash between India and China so there’s a growing anti-China sentiment in India and Samsung is taking full advantage of that and has seen its market share increase in the country for the last couple of months.

Huawei is in crisis

But for Huawei, as Ming Chie Kuo a famous analyst says that it’s going to be a steep downhill from here onwards. As you know they’re not only banned from Android but they cannot make smartphone chipsets either nor they can outsource it from other companies such as Qualcomm or even Samsung.

Huawei is out of smartphone chips

Because even though some of these companies are not American such as Samsung or Mediatek they still use American-made technology and they have to follow the executive orders from the United States government.

The situation is so bad for Huawei right now that Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Huawei could even exit the smartphone market next year due to not getting any chips to make smartphones. And if they are lucky and manage to get the chipsets from somewhere their market share is expected to decline so much that they will not even make it to the top 10 smartphone maker rankings next year which is a shame.

Smartphone shipments 2020

Like we’ve said in the past, Huawei has been spending billions in research and development for the past few years and has been innovating lately in the smartphone world. They have been pushing Samsung and Apple to do the same by creating a competitive environment. Features such as reverse wireless charging, night mode, periscope zoom were first seen on Huawei’s devices so them getting out like this will only result in less competition and that’s not good for us the consumers.

Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t stop innovating because Huawei may no longer be there to keep them pushing. We don’t think Samsung cares about Apple either because they’ve stopped innovating a while ago. All they just do now is copy existing technologies from other companies and call it innovation. With that said, let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always stay connected for more updates.