Samsung galaxy z fold 3

Samsung To bring back LED Light feature in Galaxy Z FOLD 3 devices

Smartphones with foldable screens are gradually gaining popularity, and the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 isn’t just better than the original Galaxy Fold — it’s a quantum leap better. So Samsung is likely to continue to improve the design further, and as the price of flexible screens becomes cheaper, such smartphones will attract more attention.

There is no doubt that Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold 3 next year in August but we already know some features the handset is expected to come with. For one it’s rumored to be the first Samsung phone to have a selfie camera embedded underneath the display.

Galaxy z fold 2

Today we come across another potential feature of this handset that consumers are surely going to appreciate. The Z Fold 3 – might include a light indicator in the hideaway hinge according to the newly granted patent. This LED indicator will be able to display shades of different colors to notify the user about calls, messages, and other events.

If the smartphone is with the outer screen facing down, then you can miss a call or an important message. The LED strip should fix this. The information also reveals that the light bar would be able to change colors, which is an obvious give.

Galaxy z fold 3 report

Now from what we can gather, the patent simply refers to a light panel, rather than an additional screen with text. So it’s basically a notification LED light as we had in the devices of the past. The last Samsung flagship to ship with LED light indicator was the Galaxy S9, and Samsung officially removed it from the future devices.

A lot of people were asking Samsung to bring that little feature back. With the current phones feature an edge to edge display, it’s not possible to bring that back on the regular phones but it seems Samsung has found a workaround for the foldable, and here’s hoping we would see this on the Z Fold 3 itself.

Galaxy z fold

DxOmark as well as display mate has lost their credibility in our eyes a long ago. And today here we have another proof that Dx0Mark does not matter for any user. They tested the camera of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and guess what it’s ranked at number 10 below devices like the Honor V30 and more.

Everybody who reviewed Note 20 Ultra praised the camera and that it’s better than S20 Ultra’s camera. For instance, we know autofocusing is a minor weakness of the S20 Ultra whereas Samsung improved it significantly on the Note 20 Ultra with the help of a laser sensor and it’s regarded as one of the fastest out there. And guess what both the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra reached 97 points in their test.

Galaxy z fold 3 led light feature

You see how the system works in DxO is, A phone with every single camera feature but very low camera quality will get higher points than an excellent camera phone with no gimmicky features.

Also, devices that are tuned for DxOmark tests get better scores than the rest. How much money a company has paid to DxO matters too. All in all, DxO tests aren’t an indication of which phones are the best in the camera but rather an indication of who used their services and optimized their device according to their environment.

Anyway, let us know what do you think about this down in the comments, and as always stay connected for more updates.