The falconeer the path

The Falconeer – The Path

The Falconeer is an upcoming game Developed by Tomas Sala Designed by Tomas Sala and Published by Wired Productions. The Falconeer is an open world air combat game, Players will become the Falconeer fly throw in skies to explore and dog fights with there bird. you have to uncover the great see and in that open-world game, powerful Warbird scattered throughout The Great Ursee. Warbird has a very powerful eye that has a thermal vision so you can see in a great distance and that bird also dives deep in seconds dodge in full speed barrel-roll and also twist to gain an advantage like we people take Falcon design to make airplanes.

The game world made entirely of oceans, mountains, and island civilizations. Want to ride on a big powerful bird back then play The Falconeer. The Falconeeravailable on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and also for Microsoft Windows Nov 10, 2020