The legend of heroes trails of cold steel 4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 Review

We’ve had the pleasure of playing through almost all of the Trails games in the Legend of Heroes series over the past year seeing Rheen Schwerzer emerge from a train in Trista venturing into the great unknown to stop a civil war or becoming an instructor to foster a new class seven despite how fresh all of these memories still are.

it’s incredible how far the Cold Steel Saga has come and thus we arrive at the Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 4 the end of the Arabia Arc the climactic finale to a journey that began in 2013 on the ps3 and Vida after the cliffhanger ending of Cold Steel 3. Cold Steel  4 picks up 2 weeks after Arebonia is readying for war and class 7 is left to pick up the pieces with Juna Kurt and Altina.

The legend of heroes trails of cold steel 4 review

Forging a path forward through old class 7 members will accompany them from time to time. The first act is more about getting the new class 7 up to speed on how Arebonia has changed wandering around and engaging with various civilians whether it’s a family trying to spend their last few days together or the nobility preparing for the worst can be compelling in its own right even while retreading a lot of areas from Cold Steel 3.

It’s still incredible to see different NPCs going through their own trials the history of Arabia is dense and seeing the core story advanced while threads from previous titles and even other arcs are weaved in makes for an enjoyable narrative however it definitely takes some time for the story to get rolling as the trio is eventually reunited with ash and muse learns more about their current predicament and picks up traces of rain’s location. Despite how even pace the first 10 hours or so can be. It still serves a purpose class 7 is literally picking itself back up and battling despair along with personal tragedies for the sake of moving forward.

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