The pathless

The Pathless Game Review

The Pathless is at its best when it’s living up to its name as the mysterious hunter, we found ourself most enraptured by this open world when we let our curiosity guide us built to satisfy that interest the landscape is filled with engaging environmental.

Hidden puzzles bits of lore that deepen its main story and gorgeous landscapes coupled with a simple but engrossing movement mechanic and an orchestral score that elevates the mythic quality of this new world.

The Pathless is a journey absolutely worth taking at the heart of the Pathless is its movement mechanics which are rather revelatory in their simplicity. The island is filled with floating gems which you need to shoot with your only weapon a bow to gain speed and maintain your flow because of this the sensation of running of gaining and maintaining speed is a sheer delight and that turns the world into something of a playground for how you get around on foot and in the air.

The pathless game review

The hunter is accompanied by an eco companion who can not only carry you across distances by gliding but also use a limited number of flaps to increase its flight height. It’s just as well that there’s no fast travel because skipping the running and gliding would be missing the point. The shooting doesn’t require a lot of skill because developer giant squid has completely removed the worry of precision aiming instead the forgiving third person camera lets you swing it around to auto target gems.

You just need to hold the trigger down to fill up a meter or if your timing is good then it fill up precisely halfway to get even more speed. By removing the challenge of aiming and instead putting it on button timing and quick thinking as you decide the route you want to carve out The Pathless freed my mind up to think less about the specific points.

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