Toyota supra 2.0 (2021) review

Toyota Supra 2.0 (2021) | More Horsepower & Torque

Toyota surprised the world when they announced a revised six-cylinder engine for the 2021 Supra it took only one model year before they threw more horsepower at it along with a slew of other changes now.

There isn’t a fire-breathing straight-6 under the hood instead is a 2-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine, yes you heard that right a four-banger in a Supra now before you hit Add to Cart on Amazon for those torches and pitchforks remember that the Supra is no stranger to slower base model cars.

Toyota supra 2.0 (2021)

Every generation safe for the mark four had a 2-liter option in Japan and Japan’s most successful racing Supras were all powered by the 2-liter 3s GTE four-cylinder engine but for the rest of the world, Supras are synonymous with three-liter inline-six seven if they were painfully slow.

After the driving test, we found that this makes 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque out of its turbocharged four-cylinder, and while that 255 horsepower might not seem super impressive that 295 pound-feet is really what you feel these motor engines are ridiculous for tugging 295 pound-feet of torque at 1550 RPM.

Toyota supra 2.0 (2021) interior

it’s like this idle speed, this motor puts you back in your seat with an unexpected amount of thrust especially considering how small the motor is in the engine bay though we have to say it looks comically small because it’s like a little tiny black box it’s like pushed up against the firewall and it’s so much smaller than the six so how would you say that 2.0 compares with the 3.0 well it’s slower don’t get us wrong but it’s also like way more agile the 2.0 weighs 220 pounds less than 23.0 so you can see why it’s quicker on its feet.

The front end is much more eager to turn in and the balance is just really sweet the cars very predictable and it’s really easy to drive yes they all simplify and add lightness but what about the suspension are you missing active suspension for the big boy car not really, to be honest like the standard suspension on this car is more than capable.

It’s pretty soft it’s not damped super aggressively it soaks up all the bumps on these back roads that we’re on and to be honest, we not missing the active suspension that’s good we don’t think we ever put the 3.0 in sport, anyway this soft was we thought was pretty good for us.

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