Valorant new agent astra and new map

Valorant | Agent 15 Astra – All Abilities Explained

Today we are going to talk about the new agent Astra and her abilities to do. Astra’s nationality is from Ghana, her power source is radiant and she is a controller. The Ghanaian agent Astra harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape battlefields to her whim with full command of her Astral form and talent for deep strategic foresight. She’s always eons ahead of her enemies.

Valorant astra abilities

Let’s talk about the abilities, the main thing though is that she has kind of a passive at least which is astral form when you press (X) you will enter in Astral form as you’ve seen where you can play stars with primary fire stars but basically when you go into this astral form and you place stars these stars can turn into one of three things the first is a Gravity Well where you activate a star to perform a Gravity Well player in this area are pulled towards the center before it explodes making all players still trapped inside.

Fragile providing the same vulnerable effect as you would get from a kill droid a limbo for example that’s ability 1, ability 2 is a nova pulse when you activate it detonates an oval pulse and it charges briefly then strikes could curse all players in its area.

Valorant astra gameplay

The final one is nebula where you activate it and it starts to transform into a nebula smoke but there is an interesting passive to this that’s worth mentioning as well and that dissipates if you press (F) on a star to dissipate it, it will bloom as smoke and then it will disappear and the resource will be returned to you.

Video Credits: Valorant

So basically forms a fixed smoke and then the smoke immediately disappears great for baiting people into maybe trying to push through them and then boom they’re on their own. They’re left out in the open, the final ability the ultimate is actually called cosmic divide when the cosmic divide is charged you use your secondary fight in the Astral form to begin aiming it and then you select two locations. A line down the wall and the cosmic divide connects to two points you select and it will block bullets.

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