Valorant new agent skye review

Valorant New Agent Skye | Abilities Explained | – Latest Update

Today we got some pretty interesting details about the new agent that is coming to Ballarat from a few different twitter accounts a video was shown that gives us the newest agent’s name, abilities and even examples of some of the new skins that we might be getting with the release of act 3.

Valerian’s newest agent name is Skye and she’s going to be the next initiator in ballarat’s roster. Her first ability E is guiding light this ability equips a Hawk Trinket Fire to send it forward hold fire to guide the hawk in the direction of your crosshair and you can reuse it while the hawk is flying to transform it into a flash. This ability seems to act as a controllable long distance flash that Skye can put out to blind enemies that she can’t necessarily catch.

Valorant new agent skye abilities

We get the feeling that it will act similar to Jet’s Cloudburst guiding light costs 100 credits per charge and it looks like Skye will be able to hold three charges of guiding light per round, Skye’s next ability is on her Q and it’s called Trailblazer this ability equips a Tasmanian Tiger Trinket Fire to send out and take control of the predator while in control fire to leap forward exploding in a concussive blast and damaging directly hit enemies.

This ability seems to strike a somewhat similar feel to Phoenix’s run it back ability but it is interesting to see the concept on a basic ability. This is obviously supposed to be Skye’s soften ability the one that she uses in order to damage enemies and make them worried about a potential push or simply to force them to play more defensively with lower health pools.

Valorant new agent skye gameplay

Next up is Skye’s basic ability Regrowth, this ability equips a healing trinket hold fire to channel this ability healing allies in range of it and line of sight. This ability can be reused until her healing pool is depleted Skye cannot heal herself though this ability is one that a lot of Valorem players have been looking forward to as we feel like it finally adds another agent that can at least heal her teammates other than Sage.

Now that we know this ability exists and Sage being in a less than ideal state right now we could see Skye becoming meta very quickly finally for the last of Skye’s abilities we have our ultimate seekers this ability equips a Secret Trinket Fire to send out three seekers to track down the three closest enemies if a seeker successfully reaches this target it near sights them. Right now it seems that this ability costs seven ultimate war points but it is unknown if that will be the final number or if it will change before release.

This ability seems to mirror that of twin hunter’s orb from spike rush in which activating it will send out two Wolves to go on track enemies it seems like Skye has a similar ability that summons three instead of two wolves this is actually an interesting ability. For an initiator as it has quite a lot of info gathering potential as well it will be interesting to see how this ability is used at high and pro level play.

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