Valorant the next generation game.

Valorant is a free to play online multiplayer Esports game developed and published by Riot Games for windows valorant released Worldwide on 2nd June 2020. In one day alone around 84.4k people play this game. Some people compare this game with Counter-Strike. And too many professional players like Veteran Canadian in-game leader Josh “steel” Nissan will leave CS: GO and start a career in professional VALORANT Player. His current cs go team Chaos confirmed this report. Valorant has 12 different characters. Phoenix Raze Brimstone Jett Sage Viper Breach Cypher Sova Omen Reyna Killjoy every character has his own power or special ability like Raze has (Paint Shells) (Boom Bot) (Blast Pack) (Showstopper).

This game has 5v5 match shooter match-up to plant or defuse the Spike total rounds numbers are 13 each round has around 100 seconds. Valorant has four following maps Bind, Haven, Split, and Shooting Range, Shroud professional Esports player said that this game is very easy to play a lower skill player can also play and win this game easily you can enjoy this game but this game does not have potential like Counter-Strike. This game only target player that don’t play fps games. Remember he is current Ranked 2nd in valorant after valorant close beta release NA servers he got Diamond 3.

I personally play this game and enjoy this game I hope you like it too its fun to play.

By Raheel javed

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