Watch dogs legion review

Watch Dogs Legion 2020 – Review

After decades of running over pedestrians in open-world action games without a second thought, it’s a revelation to suddenly think of each one of them as a potential hero. Watchdogs Legion’s clever twist plays on that idea like a hacker version of the state of decay.

Every character you recruit has the abilities and traits of their own weapons that lends it much more of a sandbox field in previous games because any given character can make the same mission feel dramatically different, it can be rough and experimental in places but we have to hand it to Ubisoft for being willing to take chances.

Legion’s vision of a near future London is beautifully detailed and recognizable but also starkly different from how we know it. Its skies are filled with autonomous drones streets are filled with a mix of old and self-driving cars and its landmarks are emblazoned with corporate fascist banners and bright holographic projections.

It’s a cool look though cruising around busier areas can definitely tank your frame rate even on an RTX 2080ti. The protagonist isn’t a single character but the entirety of the deadsec hacker group that resists a technofascist police state that’s taken over the London metropolitan area. There are some major political themes in play here such as privatizing the police being a bad idea and how giving up personal privacy for convenience and security is a good way to end up in a near future dystopia.