World’s first led running track constructed by nike

World’s First Led Running Track constructed by Nike

Nike has constructed an amazing, incredible pop-up arena track which is in the middle of manila which is the world’s first led running track. All around the track wall of LED screens is projected, after each lap, an avatar of the last lap will appear on the led wall. In 2nd lap, you can take yourself on in a virtual race.

World’s first led running track constructed by nike 1
                                             (Photo Credits: Bartle Bogle Hegarty)

The track lets the runners partake themselves in a virtual race. This is a 200-meter long stadium which is footprint shaped designed. The sensor is attached to your shoe which monitors your lap time speed etc and that’s how your avatar follows you in the track.

You will love to compete with your self. At each time 30 runners can participate in this virtual race. When the runner runs fast, its avatar will get bigger and it looks super cool, amazing.

There is a ghost mode in this track like Mariokart ghost mode, the people who played back in the day will remember it. The runner will get feedback after every lap he or she finishes this will help them to run at a proper pace.