Xbox series x & s review

Xbox Series X & S Review

The new Xbox wireless controller launching with the Xbox Series X and Series S isn’t so much a next-gen controller as it is an incremental update on the one. We already know it’s flush with small tweaks that improve specific elements of the Xbox experience like recording gameplay using the d-pad and grip.

There are no big next-gen swings here no features designed to change the way that we play and interact with games just a better controller than the one before personally letting Microsoft continue riffing on its highly comfortable familiar controller design. The new Xbox wireless controller is a fairly conservative update of the Bluetooth-enabled model released midway through the Xbox one’s lifespan small but impactful changes are geared toward optimizing the feel of the established design rather than adding new functionality.

Xbox series x & s

The black model which comes packaged with the series x looks very similar to the Xbox one controller. Its black matte plastic shell multi-colored face buttons and analog sticks all look and feel identical to their predecessors.

Xbox veterans will have no problem finding the pairing button on top of the battery plate in the back and the two ports on the bottom of the proprietary port for connecting the Xbox chat pad and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack for wired headsets. There are a few little cosmetic flourishes like an all-black Xbox button and a matte bumper and trigger buttons that generally make the controller look a little more subtle but only in the slightest way.

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