Zchocolat ruby box

zChocolat Ruby Box a perfect gift for your love ones, Sweet and Attractive

To gift anything to your loved ones that will make an impact try this zchocolate Ruby Box because a tin can of the quality street or a bar of Cadbury  Dairy Milk will not make that impact which this beautiful case will do. zChocolate is French chocolate that comes in a beautiful attractive hardwood box and it looks so amazing.

Zchocolat ruby box 1

Gifting something to your loved one, you will want to gift that thing that will attract her and for this zChocolate has his class when it comes to presentation. The chocolates in the box come in an embroidered bag and the bag has a little pocket for a personal message. In my opinion, the bag is not necessary but for some extra drama and to protect the chocolate’s trademark.

Zchocolat ruby box 3Zchocolat ruby box 2

The chocolates taste really good and I love the wood box. My mom is using my zChocolate wood box as a ring box, you can use your wood box as you want. zChocolate wood box is divided into two layers, in the first layer, it contains zChocolate’s signature chocolate range. The signature zChocolate has its class and taste is so good that I can’t explain. In the signature range, they have pralines and ganaches which is a core range made by Venezuelan, Ivory coast origin chocolate.

Zchocolat ruby box 4

In the second layer of the box, it contains 12 heart chocolates. In this heart chocolate range, it has dark chocolate ganache in a white chocolate shell, milk chocolate hazelnut praline, dark chocolate vanilla caramel, and red-painted white chocolate heart and has bergamot ganache.

Every single chocolate from zChocolate is so tasty and so attractive. But keep in mind that this zChocolate wood box will cost you £103.36 and per chocolate will be of £3.80. At this price, you will find some other good chocolates too in my opinion.

Zchocolat ruby box 7Zchocolat ruby box 5

In my point of view, this zchocolate box is good for a gift to someone special not for buying it for yourself. I bet on it that if you gift this fabulous and spectacular zChocolate wood box to your loved one this will make a real impression.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, if you are easy to afford this zChocolate wood box to gift someone special then go for it and I am impressed with the taste of these amazing chocolates. You are not getting this taste anywhere in the world I can bet on it. The presentation is also outclassed and wonderful.